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Analysis of Factors affecting taste of self-brewed beer in Shandong baiguan

by:Trano     2019-12-29
In recent years, self-brewed beer is very popular. It refers to the beer brewed by oneself with miniature beer equipment, because it is brewed by oneself, not by industrial mass production, so it's called home-brewed beer. So how much do you know about self-brewed beer equipment? Do you know what factors affect the taste of beer it produces? Next, the beer equipment manufacturer trano will introduce it to you, I hope everyone can like it. Shandong trano will introduce you to the four major factors that affect the taste of self-brewed beer: 1. First, you need a good set of self-brewed beer equipment. This is very important. Good equipment has good sealing performance, there will be no air leakage, and the yeast can volatilize during fermentation to obtain nutrients; Yeast can sink and recover yeast, making the wine clear and free of impurities, and beer has a good taste. A set of perfect beer equipment is automatically controlled from saccharification to fermentation, reducing human operation, thus avoiding excessive contact with air and affecting the quality of beer. 2, water requirements, before making wine, the content of water and alkali should be strictly tested. 3. Strictly follow the brewing process of self-brewed beer, and control the washing water temperature at 76 °Below, strictly control the delivery of raw materials for brewing. 4. Pick good brewing raw materials. I believe that after reading the above four factors that affect the taste of self-brewed beer introduced by Shandong trano, a self-brewed beer equipment factory, we already have a certain understanding of beer equipment, I hope that the above content can help everyone. In addition, it is recommended that you regularly maintain the beer equipment and try to extend its service life: Self-brewed beer equipment
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