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Analysis of four points needing attention in correctly storing beer

by:Trano     2019-12-25
Nowadays, beer is becoming more and more popular, the sales volume of beer production equipment in the market is also increasing, and the production volume of beer is beginning to increase. So how much do you know about beer? Do you know what points to pay attention to when storing beer correctly? Is it not clear? Next, Shandong trano, a beer filling machine factory, will give you a brief analysis below. 1. Heat-insulating beer generally adopts secondary fermentation technology: when the beer is bottled, it still retains a certain amount of living yeast and residual sugar. In this process, the yeast slowly metabolizes the residual sugar to generate carbon dioxide (Bubble). The time before a large amount of yeast dies and dissolves becomes the shelf life. Within a reasonable range, higher temperatures will rapidly increase the activity of yeast and other fungi, at 25-35 degrees is better. Compared with lager beer fermented at low temperature, the fermentation speed of Al beer with slightly higher fermentation temperature will also be accelerated, and the wine production period will be shorter. This is why. Therefore, efforts should be made to control the storage temperature of beer at 5- Within 10 degrees, the basic activity of yeast can be maintained. Too high a temperature will greatly accelerate the metabolism time of fungi, reduce the shelf life of beer and even make it more prone to deterioration. 2. The vertical beer filling machine factory tells everyone that beer and red wine are tilted horizontally and horizontally, and its maintenance method is vertical storage. (1) Many beer that can be aged will have some live yeast to ferment in the bottle in the liquor. These yeast will sink to the bottom of the bottle after death, and some bad flavor will enter the liquor after self-dissolution of the yeast. (2) Beer is generally sealed with a metal bottle cap, and the metal will be corroded after contacting the liquor, so that the wine has a bad taste; If it is an oak stopper, the taste of oak will be soaked in the liquor, causing the liquor to be contaminated, and the taste effect will be far greater than that of red wine. (3) When you open a bottle of beer that is stored horizontally, you must change the bottle of wine from a horizontal position to a vertical position, which will artificially vibrate the wine, beer fermented violently in some bottles may cause bottle bursting and bottle spraying. 3, Dark Light is undoubtedly a killer of beer, it will directly promote the production of light odor. Due to the use of hops, important alpha acid will definitely appear in beer, and its heterogeneous products form the bitter taste of beer. There are also a large number of grass ketones in hops, which are important sources of light odor. Under the action of light, riboflavin will be promoted, and then these substances will be catalyzed to further form a kind called 3-MBT (3-Methylbut-2-Ene-1-Thiol) This is one of the main components of skunk fart. This is also why the smell of beer is stinky in English (Skunky)To describe. In order to avoid the influence of light to the greatest extent, brown bottles are generally used to filter light for fine brewed beer with high preservation quality requirements. However, in the process of family storage, more attention should be paid to avoiding light. Beer can be placed in a storage room/wine cabinet/refrigerator that is protected from light. 4. Shelf life shelf life is a problem that needs attention in the preservation of any beer. Theoretically, the suitable drinking time of beer should be within the shelf life. These are the four points that Shandong trano, a beer filling machine factory, has introduced to everyone that should be paid attention to when storing beer correctly. Have you learned all the strikes? I hope that the above content can help everyone. I suggest that you can follow the above four points when storing beer. I want to know more details and pay more attention to the website dynamics, you are always welcome to visit and buy. : Beer production equipment
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