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Analysis on maintenance precautions of pop can filling machine by beer manufacturers

by:Trano     2020-01-07
Speaking of cans filling machine, we should have seen it in our daily life, but we may not know much about it. It adopts pneumatic control automatic lower cover without tank body contact and adopts equal liquid level filling technology, the production capacity is a product of variable frequency speed regulation, so how much do you know about it? Next, Shandong trano, the manufacturer of the filling machine, will introduce some maintenance precautions for the cans filling machine. 1. Check the fastening environment of each fastening part one by one. If the invention is loose, immediately hold the fastening disposal punishment. 2. The cans filling machine should be disinfected frequently, especially in the beverage profession. When using the filling machine, we must pay attention to disinfection and avoid reducing the entry of oxygen. We must always keep the pipes of the cans filling machine clean, any pipes, especially those in direct contact with materials, should be cleaned completely at least once a week. 3. Check the wear environment of the motor synchronous belt, replace and destroy the synchronous belt, and mediate the belt tensioning mechanism to make it moderate. 4. Open the main box and clean the oil and other sundries in the box. 5. Check the triangular fixture washer and exchange it if there is any damage. 6. Add lubricating oil to the mechanism of pop can filling machine and each sliding mechanism for lubrication. The above contents are some maintenance precautions for the cans filling machine introduced by the filling machine manufacturer Shandong trano. I hope that the above contents can help everyone. It is recommended that everyone carry out regular maintenance, extend its service life as much as possible. For more details, please pay more attention to our website. : Filling machine manufacturer
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