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Analysis on matters needing attention in purchasing mini beer equipment by baiguan beer production company

by:Trano     2020-01-07
As we all know, miniature beer equipment is one of the self-brewed beer equipment. How much do you know about it? Is not too familiar! Nothing, Next, the beer production equipment company Shandong trano to introduce some precautions in the purchase of small beer equipment, I hope to help everyone. Some considerations for the purchase of miniature beer equipment are as follows: 1. Welding engineers with good welding technology and detailed technology for miniature beer equipment have gone through many years of welding technology training, and the welding technology and welder technology are good, if the welding is not good, when the welding points are polished in the later stage, after the grinding is uneven, the inner wall of the saccharification system and the fermentation system of the beer equipment will be dirty, and the cleaning of the fermentation tank and the sugar tank will cause great trouble when brewing, it is easy to breed bacteria, so the brewed wine cannot meet the drinking and hygiene standards. 2. Control system of miniature beer equipment a set of control system of miniature beer equipment is similar to human brain, which is also important. Pure manual and fully automatic equipment can double the price. In Germany, a small beer equipment is worth 1 million yuan, and its control system can stand up to 600 thousand yuan. Therefore, the importance of a control system can be seen. 3, micro beer equipment material that is compare the of important a 500L of micro beer equipment in market in from a few million to a few 100,000 of all have Why gap so big, in order to get orders, small manufacturers blindly fight price wars with other beer equipment manufacturers. In order to get orders, only by reducing the price of beer equipment, enterprises need to make profits, deliberately reducing the sales price is only from the material of the equipment, but also affects the quality of the brewed wine. Therefore, most of the 500L small beer equipment is not in line with the standard of brewing beer, it needs to be specifically stated here that it is necessary to use 304 stainless steel. If it is not stainless steel, after a few years of use, the interior will react chemically, causing many spots and even being corroded into trachoma, can you still make good wine by that time? Another problem is that the thickness of stainless steel, in order to reduce the cost of raw materials, compresses the thickness of stainless steel, which also does not meet the standards for brewing beer. OK, the above is the relevant content of some precautions for the purchase of micro-beer equipment introduced by the beer production equipment company trano, I believe everyone has a certain understanding of beer equipment after reading it. I hope the above contents can help everyone. I suggest that everyone should start from their own reality and seek truth from facts when buying beer equipment, put an end to blind conformity, beware of being deceived! : Beer production equipment company
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