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Analysis on performance characteristics of beer filling production line

by:Trano     2020-01-07
Performance Characteristics 1. The filling valve adopts a high-precision mechanical filling valve with a bottle-free and vacuum-free mechanism. 2. External mechanical valve structure, no spring and seal in valve body. 3. The full-automatic three-in-one beer filling machine has the ability to vacuum twice and is equipped with a high-pressure foaming device. 4. The transmission adopts open gear and gearbox combined transmission. Frequency conversion stepless speed regulation is adopted, and the speed regulation range is large. 5. The transmission of the full-automatic three-in-one beer filling machine is equipped with an automatic lubricating grease device, which can supply oil to each lubricating point regularly and quantitatively as required. High transmission efficiency, low noise and long service life. 6. In case of bottle explosion caused by bottle quality problems during gas flushing or wine filling, the wine valve is automatically closed and equipped with an automatic bottle breaking Flushing Device. 7. The glass bottle crown cover beer filling production line adopts all stainless steel magnetic Hopper. The Crown cover, the lower cover and the inlet cover are all transmitted by magnetic force. The cover is not easy to deform during operation, and the lower cover is large and smooth, the gland is reliable and has automatic unloading function to reduce the bottle breaking rate. 8. The centering guide adopts double guide rod type centering, and the pre-cover function is stable and reliable in and out of the bottle. 9. The lifting of the wine jar and the gland head is electric lifting to adapt to the bottle type of different heights within the design range. 10. The material level in the filling cylinder of beverage machinery is controlled by electric probe, the cylinder level is stable and the filling is reliable. :
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