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Analysis on the differences between refined beer and ordinary beer

by:Trano     2019-12-25
Nowadays, beer is very common in daily life. With the continuous development of economy, there are many kinds of beer, among which brewed beer is favored and loved by consumers, do you know the difference between this beer and ordinary beer? Below, the beer filling machine factory will introduce it to you below, hoping to help you. Shandong trano machinery suggests that it is necessary to understand the difference between craft beer and ordinary beer from three aspects: fermentation process, material and fermentation time, as shown below: 1. Fermentation process the brewing process selected for fine Brewing beer is called Al process. The yeast is placed at the top of the fermentation tank for fermentation, so the yeast method floats on the top of the beer liquid, the temperature control of fermentation is also relatively strict, and the demand is strictly controlled at 10- About 20 degrees, and the fermentation tank selected for craft beer will be smaller, and filtration and sterilization will not be carried out after fermentation. Ordinary beer is brewed by lager process. Contrary to fine beer, its yeast is operated at the bottom of the fermentation tank. And the temperature control is below 10 degrees, and the necessary filtration and sterilization will be carried out in the future after the fermentation is completed, so the primary purpose is to add the preservation time of beer. 2. The materials used in brewing beer mainly include malt, hops, yeast and water, and no additives will be added, which is attributed to relatively pure natural brewing, therefore, compared with the general industrial beer, the composition of malt and the composition of hops will be more, the beer filling machine factory tells everyone that the concentration of wort contained in such brewed beer will be much higher than that of ordinary beer. Of course, the brewing data selected for this kind of fine brewed beer are superior. In order to reduce the cost of brewing, more rice, corn and starch will be added to malt, hops, yeast and water to replace some of the malt. Therefore, the cost of beer brewed in this way is not so high, and the concentration of wort will be lower, and the taste will be lighter. 3, the fermentation time is different because the brewed beer is attributed to the relatively high quality beer, the fermentation time is not required to calculate the cost, so the fermentation time will not pay too much attention, that is, there is no need to consider the cost of the moment, so even if the average craft beer is less, it will take more than two months to ferment. Such craft beer fermentation is very abundant, and the concentration of wort contained in it is higher, and the taste is more and more rich, but the demand for ordinary beer considers a lot of ingredients and time costs, etc, therefore, in order to mass produce more beer, it will not take so much time to ferment beer. The above is the three differences between the brewed beer introduced by the beer filling machine factory and the ordinary beer. I hope the above contents can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more details, you can pay more attention to the website dynamics. : Beer production equipment
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