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Cause analysis and solution of inaccurate filling quantity or failure of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-17
Beer filling machines sometimes have inaccurate filling volume and no material output. What is going on? What causes the inaccurate filling quantity and no material? What is the solution when the beer filling machine has inaccurate filling quantity or no material? Analysis and solution of reasons for inaccurate filling quantity or no feeding in beer filling machine: 1. Speed throttle valve and filling distance throttle valve are not closed, throttle valve cannot be closed. 2. Is there any foreign matter in the quick-fit three-way control valve? If so, please sort it out. Is there any air in the quick-fit three-way control valve and the leather tube of the filling head? If there is air, try to reduce or clean the air. 3. Check whether all sealing rings are damaged. If there is any damage, please replace them with new ones. 4. Does the filling nozzle valve core have a card plug appearance or delay opening? If there is a card plug, install the valve core from the beginning. If the opening is delayed, the throttle valve of the thin cylinder needs to be dispatched. 5, fast three-way control valve in up and down tightening spiral spring of stretch stretch is too large check valve will can't open. 6. Is the filling speed too fast? Adjust the filling speed throttle valve to reduce the filling speed. 7. Can all clamps and leather pipe buckles be sealed well? Please correct them if any. 8. The magnetic switch is not loose, please lock it after adjusting the quantity every time. If the above problems occur in the use of the beer filling machine, it will have a great impact on the production. Therefore, the beer production enterprise should understand the countermeasures for the above problems of the beer filling machine.
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