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Characteristics of full-automatic vacuum packaging machine

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Full-automatic vacuum packaging machine is also called full-automatic stretch film vacuum packaging machine/full-automatic plastic box thermoforming vacuum packaging machine. Full-automatic vacuum packaging machine is an important foundation of packaging industry and plays an important role in Light Industry Machinery Industry. Vacuum packaging machine provides important technical support for packaging industry and plays an important role in the development of packaging industry, at the same time, it also plays an important role in the production of food, medicine, daily necessities, chemical products, etc. Full-automatic vacuum packaging machine is the fundamental guarantee to realize mechanization and automation of product packaging. 1. The whole machine adopts hard aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials to improve the corrosion resistance of the equipment; 2, the use of combined mold, easy to replace, one machine multi-purpose, mold with water cooling function; 3. SMC pneumatic parts with stable performance and long service life are adopted; 4. Select brand vacuum pumps with high ultimate vacuum and excellent performance; 5. Select servo motor with reliable performance and convenient operation, PLC, touch screen and Schneider Electric control; 6, the use of photoelectric tracking, can choose to use color cover film or light film packaging, reduce costs, improve product grade; 7, can be equipped with automatic coding system according to needs; 8, the use of special stainless steel clamping chain, suitable for all kinds of thickness of the soft film, hard film stretch molding, special packaging; 9. Advanced crosscutting and slitting system is adopted, which is convenient to replace and operate, and is equipped with corner waste recycling system to maintain environmental sanitation; 10, you can choose square box, round box or other special-shaped box. The size of the box can be customized according to customer products
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