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Common filling methods of baiguan beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-20
There are many kinds of beer filling machines, which are mainly used for filling beer. It is a very simple filling method, so how much do you know about beer filling machines? Next, let's look at it together. Due to the different physical and chemical properties of liquid materials, there are different requirements for filling. Liquid materials are poured into packaging containers by liquid storage devices. Beer filling machines often adopt the following methods. I. Normal pressure filling normal pressure filling refers to the filling method that directly relies on the dead weight of the liquid to be filled to flow into the packaging container under atmospheric pressure. The technological process of normal pressure filling is as follows: 1. Liquid feeding and exhaust, I . e. liquid material enters the container and the air in the container is discharged at the same time; 2. Stop the liquid feeding, that is, when the liquid material in the container meets the quantitative requirements, the liquid feeding will automatically stop; 3. Eliminate residual liquid, that is, eliminate residual liquid in the exhaust pipe. The atmospheric pressure method is mainly used for filling liquid materials with low viscosity and no gas, such as milk, white wine, soy sauce, liquid medicine, etc. Second, isobaric filling, isobaric filling is to use the compressed air in the upper air chamber of the liquid storage tank to inflate the packaging container, so that the pressure of the two is close to the same, then the filling method that makes the liquid material flow into the packaging container by its own weight. The technological process of isobaric filling is: 1. Inflation isobaric; 2. Feed liquid and return gas; 3. Stop liquid feeding; 4. Release the pressure, that is, release the residual compressed gas in the bottleneck to the atmosphere, so as to avoid a large amount of bubbling caused by sudden depressurization in the bottle, which affects the packaging quality and quantitative accuracy. Isobaric method is suitable for filling of gas-containing beverages, such as beer, soda and so on, which can reduce the loss of carbon dioxide contained. Three, vacuum filling method, vacuum filling method is the method of filling under the condition of lower than atmospheric pressure. It has two basic ways: one is the pressure vacuum type, that is, the inside of the liquid storage tank is under normal pressure, and only the air is pumped into the packaging container to form a certain vacuum degree, the liquid flows into the packaging container and completes the filling depending on the pressure difference in the two containers; The other is gravity vacuum type, that is, the liquid storage tank and the packaging container are in a nearly equal vacuum state, and the liquid material flows into the container by its own weight. At present, pressure vacuum is often used in China. Its equipment is simple and reliable. The technological process of vacuum filling is: 1. Bottle vacuum pumping; 2. Liquid inlet and exhaust 3. Stop liquid inlet; 4, residual liquid reflux, that is, the residual liquid in the exhaust pipe through the vacuum chamber reflux to the liquid storage box. Vacuum method is suitable for filling liquid materials with lower viscosity (Such as oil, syrup, etc), Liquid material containing Vitamin (Such as vegetable juice, fruit juice, etc)And toxic liquid materials (Such as pesticides, etc). This method can not only improve the filling speed, but also reduce the contact and effect between the liquid material and the residual air in the container, so it is conducive to prolonging the shelf life of a series of products. In addition, it can limit the escape of gas and liquid, thus improving the operating conditions. However, it is not suitable for filling the liquid containing aromatic gas, because pumping will increase the loss of liquid fragrance. Four, pressure method filling, pressure method filling is to control the piston reciprocating motion by means of mechanical or gas hydraulic devices, liquid materials with high viscosity drop are sucked into the piston cylinder from the storage cylinder, and then forced pressure into the container to be filled, this method is sometimes also used for filling beverages such as gas, because it does not contain colloidal substances, the formed foam is easy to disappear, therefore, it can be directly poured into the bottle without pre-inflation by relying on its own gas pressure, thus greatly improving the filling speed. V. Siphon method filling siphon method filling application, the siphon principle makes the liquid material be sucked into the container from the liquid storage tank through the siphon until the liquid level of the two is equal. This method is suitable for filling liquid materials with low viscosity and no gas. The equipment structure is simple, but the filling speed is low. To sum up, there are five filling methods for beer filling machines. Do you have a certain understanding through the above Introduction? The technological scope of beer filling machines refers to their ability to meet different production requirements. The wider the process range is, the more the utilization rate of the equipment can be improved and one machine can be used for multiple purposes, that is, multiple materials and specifications can be filled by using the same equipment. Therefore, in order to meet the production requirements of various varieties and specifications in the beverage and beverage industries, filling machines with as wide a process range as possible should be selected.
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