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Craft beer equipment and the difference between traditional equipment in there?

by:Trano     2020-03-02
The progress of the society, the change of science and technology is the power of now industrial equipment constantly updated. Chinese wine culture has a long history, the production of baijiu, also in with the progress of science and technology into the mechanization era, of course, to stick to the traditional process. The beer is the foreign alcoholic drinks, but the sales is in the world. The progress of science and technology have contributed to the improvement of beer equipment. Combined with zhengzhou emperor of information technology, the traditional craft beer equipment and beer equipment, what are the advantages of the Shared with everybody, hope you can like it. A, craft beer equipment large brewery equipment installation site of flexible than ever before. The traditional beer equipment is usually placed in brewery put the workshop; And craft beer equipment for small volume, covers an area of less, flexible transportation, so it can be placed in a bar, cafeteria, baking, such as beer house premises. Which not only can timely brew a consumer favorite craft beer taste, but also allows consumers to see the whole brewing process. This is one of the traditional beer equipment is unable to compare. Second, the craft beer equipment on personnel equipped with simplified a lot. The traditional beer equipment generally need more than a dozen people to care for operation. Equipment and craft beer in the whole process even one person can operate, it saves labor costs for many business places. Society in progress, in the development of science and technology, so everyone in the choice of beer equipment, of course, also want to keep pace with The Times. Select the advanced craft beer equipment is very be necessary, saves cost, and can produce more popular craft beer, kill two birds with one stone, why not? The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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