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Craft beer equipment manufacturer - — The eia a headache! Eia q&a

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Q: craft breweries do eia need to prepare what material? Answer: the brewery has built? Or is the preparation? First brewery's land is industrial use of land and other properties of land directly not to accept! ! So finding space must first understand the nature good land! Eia to look for the unit of eia for eia files ( Form may be, may also be a report, the current domestic most cities are asked to write the eia report, and go out is to specify a qualified colleges, price is surprising, so to speak) , specific file types according to list of classified management of the country. Eia unit at the time of compiling, what data to need to find what factory, so don't need to bother too, as long as can be provided according to the requirements of their data. Often go to the site, the first to understand the specific situation of the surrounding environment; Feasibility study, and then want to understand the scale of the proposed project, technology, raw materials, etc. Report form, the content of basic enough; If it is a statement, and monitoring and public participation, etc. For eia unit was clear to ask before asking price eia units, first clear around the project nature reserve, water source, residential areas such as environmental sensitive, clear project investment main body, preliminary examination and approval formalities for examination and approval conditions, investment, scale, technology, etc. If it was built before batch brewery need to pay the fines to the local environmental protection bureau ( Or finish eia may not be accepted) And then do the eia, the content of the need to similar to the above content. Follow-up: our factory is under construction. In front of all the food company in the factory, please do the eia? Eia and SC's bid to host the matter? If you don't do what the consequences of eia? We can't do the eia yourself? Answer: according to the provisions of the state, may cause environmental pollution and ecological destruction of the project, the feasibility study phase, all must carry on the environmental impact assessment, and then can go through the formalities of the early stage of the other. So, the brewery is not exceptional also, to conduct the eia work before construction, after got the approval of the environmental protection bureau, can apply for work permit. Eia and SC no link bid, one is early, one is late. If you don't do the eia, may be wasn't able to get back some formalities, epa may occur in the production process inspection, be fined, ordered to suspend activities, and again to do environmental assessment. Food factory of eia cannot do on their own, eia is qualified management, must have the corresponding class qualification of the eia units can do, food factory should belong to light industry. If your factory scale is not very big, looking for a over b light eia qualification units can do. Eia is to the factory after the completion of the environmental impact of the forecast, through the eia, will put forward some specific measures to prevent and control pollution, require companies to do according to these measures, can to minimize environmental impact. So the eia requirements before construction is completed, otherwise, how do you know what environmental measures to implement? After the completion of the factory was built before the eia, to apply for the environmental protection facilities acceptance before formal production, only passed the acceptance, can say is all formalities for examination and approval of environmental protection, can be normal production. Ask: if the production license to run down, but also use for the eia? Answer: some of the first batch of build project, finally is to fill the eia, but also to pay a fine of anything. Suggest now, while doing the eia! The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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