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Craft beer equipment used in the small details, perfect to improve the quality of craft beer

by:Trano     2020-03-02
In craft circle around so a words: 'a craft deep as the sea, from now on work beer is passers-by'. Actually, when consumers get used to the full is mellow, smell good, amorous feelings of craft beer, go to taste the plain boring industrial beer, must let a person appetite. In recent years in our country, craft beer has become more and more popular, especially the young consumer groups, not only that, craft beer with unique taste has won more and more female consumers of all ages. Due to domestic craft beer consumption market potential is tremendous, constantly attract beer processing enterprises or other industries into the bureau. As the saying goes, 'not enough', is refers to the current domestic craft beer consumption accounts for less than 1% in the overall market share, so a lot of capital come in succession, undoubtedly aggravated the competition in the industry. To this, the personage inside course of study says, if you want to in domestic craft beer market competition to gain more market share, flavor, taste and product diversification is very important. Craft beer, just as its name implies is 'craft' 2 words, its main use malt, hops, yeast, water and other materials processing, and do not add any artificial additives, at the same time, through the craft fermentation tank, can fully retain the stay of beer flavor, brewed beer foam, stay white and smooth, rich administrative levels sense, unique flavor, taste mellow, higher nutritional value. Small make up to know, a good craft beer fermentation quality is very important. In the process of fermentation, how to make the precision of temperature control and prevent the bacteria in the air to enter, to ensure the quality of the craft beer fermentation plays a vital role. Such as control of the fatty acid oxidase in feeding section. According to the lower fatty acid oxidase activity, wort and beer is not easy oxidation, taste is more stable. And the data showed that feeding the higher the temperature, the lower fatty acid oxidase activity, therefore, the temperature in the link of feeding control is necessary! In terms of improve the appearance of craft beer, which is often said that the bubble to improve the process. Small make up also specially consulted hao lu beer gold winemaker, it said in the use of beer equipment, feeding temperature is higher, can improve the craft in beer foam. This is caused by the polymer nitrogen, such as the formation of foam rubber foam protein, protein and viscous material of foam play a decisive role, promote the formation of bubbles. Because of the new generation of consumer groups occupy the main market, craft beer and the tend to be more flavors of products, and product diversification. Therefore, in the face of fierce market competition, hao lu beer equipment gold winemakers will taste diversification as the broken point, find a path to 'break' for the enterprise. Under the hao lu in the aid of beer equipment, not only can keep product flavors, still can make product diversification, promote quality promotion, let consumer easy to drink good craft! Introduce the professional personage, choose hao lu beer equipment, not only has an average of 10 years of industry experience, expert winemaker teaching by holding more headquarters twelve great support, to protect you. If you also want to in the craft beer market to make big things, hao lu beer equipment is rare to find a good partner! Choose hao lu beer equipment, big brand trustworthy! Will not your expectations. The company's web site: tranogroup. com
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