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Craft beer industry market pattern of change

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Craft culture makes craft beer in the domestic rapid development, get the favour of many high-end young consumers. At the same time, craft beer consumption scenario starts from bar to families, extend the party scene, craft home gradually become a new trend. The personage inside course of study points out that with the expansion of consumption scenarios, as well as the product category and the diversification of food tie-in choice, craft beer in the domestic market is undergoing a positive change. Craft beer as the change of consumer demand that occupy the home, now craft beer on the table is also gradually turned to 'civilian' and 'home' style, in fine wine consumption, except craft beer consumers can also have more choices. In addition to price and consumption of the change of scene, craft beer taste is also slowly adapted to Chinese consumers. Beer equipment manufacturer survey found: 'home-brewed beer can control the degree of malt and alcohol, more and more able to cater to the tastes of consumers. Imported large booze and beer taste heavy, all reflect the taste is not good, so we also introduced the fruit more thick and low alcohol content of home-brewed beer, part to meet the demands of consumers '. Reversed transmission enterprise transformation into the domestic market, consumer demand, craft beer marketed as high-end, character, market positioning mainly aimed at the certain economic level of high-end consumer groups. Lead to craft beer consumption scenarios, and product structure is increasingly high LengFan son, coupled with the impact of high prices, gradually from the mass market, a niche product. With rising consumption level, social sharing consumption will gradually to households XiangShouXing consumption shift, prompting companies to provide more choices for consumers. In longitudinal choice, craft beer companies adjust the structure proportion, make consumers in fine wine to drink beer with a single table model is gradually being broken, formed the table selectivity more diversified consumption patterns; In lateral choice, it is good to go to the pub, but the family, the party scene also demand for craft exists. 'Family craft beer consumption will be the trend of the future, more will render the scene experience, tasting, interactive way is a consumer and the manufacturer. Segmentation is more and more refined, which shows that, industry selection on the quality of more and more high, consumers pay more attention to the brand and quality guarantee '. Achilles heel of the industry with the continuous expansion of craft market, some industry problems are gradually. For a long time, the provisions of the uniform industry of craft beer and no strict standard, in the production process, quality control and other standards is uneven. Lead to industry market chaos, the good and bad are intermingled, product part of the product market awareness is low, become directly hinder the craft beer industry healthy development of the important factors. Only by constantly improve consumer of craft culture, esteemed to drive new consumption boom. At present, the craft beer is still in the conceptual phase, the specific need to promote through marketing and consumer education, mature, consumers will be higher requirements for product quality. Predictably, craft beer will still be in on the growth of industry, enterprises need through active situation, the development of the industry constantly promote product structure upgrade, and share to promote the market competitiveness of the product, to promote culture through more fresh, more abundant supply of products to win more customers trust and recognition.
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