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Craft beer quality store and control points

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Since craft beer spread around us, a lot of restaurants and bars are beginning to use craft beer brewing equipment manual craft beer, and concerns about craft beer quality problem such as how to control, how to preserve it, small make up today to make a brief introduction for you. Clean craft beer want to have a better quality, need to be in no pollution, high standards of clean environment, can make the craft beer is not contaminated. So how to keep good health? 1, through clean, can save cost and avoid waste because of the pollution damage to the taste of craft beer. Such as tank cleaning the appropriate doses of acidic or alkaline substances can be used for cleaning, then fully flush; At the same time using hypochlorite disinfectant or peracetic acid is also very important. To avoid forget steps, small make up recommend can do a check list and work processes, daily cleaning and use the check list and working procedures to carry out the process. 2, good hygienic environment also can cut down the cost of beer equipment maintenance, because clean beer equipment can obviously revealed a small problem, so we can found the problem immediately and timely repair; 3, pay attention to health maintenance, also can save manpower. Regular cleaning of beer equipment and environment of work is much smaller than a one-off thick dust and scum. Because once the impurity dry cake, again want to restore the original state will need to spend a lot of work. Save as is known to all, the high temperature will affect the taste and smell of beer, especially the craft beer, if you want to go home slowly taste, so storage temperature have to be more careful. It should be kept in cool but not very cold place. In general, wine cellar and refrigerators are suitable for storing craft beer, but don't put them in the refrigerator for storage for a long time. It is worth noting that it would be good to keep constant temperature! And different craft beer alcohol content, its storage temperature also each are not identical: 【 1 】 The craft beer alcohol content is suitable for storage in high temperature for 55 ℉ - 60℉( 2. 8℃- 15. 5℃) The environment; 【 2 】 Moderate alcohol content of craft beer stored in temperature is 50 ℉ - 55℉( 10℃- 12. 8℃) The environment; 【 3 】 Low alcohol content of craft beer stored in a temperature of 45 ℉ - aptly 50℉( 7. 2℃- 10℃) In the environment. About the temperature of the craft beer is most suitable for drinking? Different styles of beer to choose different drinking temperature, light is suitable for low temperature and low alcohol content of beer, wine and alcohol and heavy body and a beer for a slightly higher temperature to drink. Here are some of the style of beer is suitable for the tasting temperature for reference: 2 - 4 ° C: industrial beer 4 - mass market 7 ° C: Pearson, 7 - the Czech republic and Germany 10 ℃, IPA, American light al, potter, most of the 10 - 13 ° C: acid, bitter, British mild - 13 16 ° C: barley wine, Belgium high temperature did you drink for drinking? If you have any other want to know as well as the background of the message, hao lu beer will have professional wine master answer for you.
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