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Craft brewing saccharification process types

by:Trano     2020-03-02
Beer equipment are considered in the selection of two aspects: 1, the brewing technology configuration requirements of the equipment. The size of the 2, equipment and production requirements. Output size depends on the size of the saccharification equipment and the saccharification of batches every day; As well as the fermentation tank size and quantity. Beer saccharification process is divided into two kinds: one is the cooking method ( 汤) A leaching method ( 注入) 。 Cooking method ( 汤) Features are: the liquid could be part of the partial mash repeatedly heated to boiling point, and then blended with mash rest not boil, to make all mash temperature to heat up in stages to different enzyme action required temperature, finally achieve glycosylated end temperature. Before malt quality, repeatedly boiled mash is needed to make soluble content leaching of malt. Cooking method, complex operation, time consuming, energy dissipation, need high configuration. Now malt quality, saccharification process use less cooking method. Leaching method ( 注入) Relatively simple operation, time saving, features are: mash liquid from beginning to end without boiling, rely on enzyme leaching function of various substances, before wort boiling retain certain enzyme activity.
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