Aluminum beverage cans are used for packing beer, soft drinks, craft beer, coffee, tea and new energy drinks etc...

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How to get an accurate can quotation?

How to get an accurate can quotation?


First of all, you need to tell the cans supplier the types of canned beverages, because different beverages have different ingredients, and have requirements for the inner coating and high temperature resistance of the cans.

In addition, it is necessary to indicate the specifications and quantity of cans that need to be purchased, and whether they are printed or not.

Among them, the internal coating requirements need to be clearly stated. Is it BPANI or EPOXY?

If it is printed, it is necessary to provide printed AI drawings and printed sample cans for the factory's reference and production of film.

In addition, because the off-peak season is obvious, the first half of each year is the peak season. Most customers will place orders in a concentrated manner. The production capacity is tight. The production of cans needs to be planned. Therefore, it is necessary to notify the factory of the 3-6 months purchase plan in advance to facilitate the allocation of production capacity. , Procurement of raw materials and other work.

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