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Improper operation of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-16
Before using the beer filling machine, we must first understand the performance of the equipment. Otherwise, not only can the beer filling machine not play its due role, but also the desiccant is damaged. According to previous customer feedback and experience, improper operation of the beer filling machine will lead to various failures of the equipment. In order to enable everyone to better use the beer filling machine and reduce the problems in the operation of the beer filling machine, the manufacturer introduced the problems that are easy to occur due to improper operation of the beer filling machine: 1. Do not flush directly with water when dismantling and washing the beer filling machine. If the water pipe, water gun and other instruments are used to flush the machine, if the water source enters the inside of the machine, it is likely to cause the aging speed of the beer filling machine to accelerate, the performance to be weak, and the machine is easy to crash. If there is a need to clean the filling machine, the remaining products in the machine should be cleaned, and then filled with soft cleaning solution in the barrel. The company recommends the use of warm water, if necessary, the use of soap water, alcohol and other cleaning liquid can also be. 2. If overflow occurs in the injection nozzle, press the safety switch to ensure that the workshop is neat. If the staff finds that the injection nozzle overflows the material, they should press the safety tight stop switch in time to avoid wasting the material. After the beer filling machine stops, take out the injection nozzle to see if there is any damage. If there is any damage, the injection nozzle can be replaced. 3. When the cylinder ejection cannot be returned due to improper operation, do not randomly press the safety key. When the cylinder ejection of the beer filling machine cannot be returned, it should be suspended 1- Production in 2 minutes to see if the beer filling machine fails or crashes. For example, when the beer filling machine fails during filling, the staff will press the tight stop switch. It may cause internal confusion in the beer filling machine. Clearing all previous settings will delay the filling efficiency. To sum up. We must follow the strict requirements of the beer filling machine operation requirements to use, so as to ensure that the beer filling machine can create value for the enterprise.
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