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Introduction of advantages and characteristics of Haizhi beer filling machine equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-14
Advantages and characteristics of beer filling machine Equipment Introduction: beer filling machine equipment is especially suitable for beer manufacturers. Dissolved oxygen intake can be controlled at a very low level of 10 ppb, and can flexibly meet various filling level requirements without adjusting the probe, the effective production time is prolonged and the best product quality is ensured. In addition, the filling turntable of the beer filling machine equipment can be equipped with 48 to 192 filling valves, fully meeting the manufacturer's various production speed requirements, and the filling speed is from 25,000 bottles/hour to more than 80,000 bottles/hour, can fill 150 ml to 1 liter specifications of packaging bottles. The newly designed conveying and handling parts are lighter in weight and smaller in size, and the replacement of packaging bottles with different diameters is extremely convenient. An operator can complete the type change operation in less than 30 minutes. In addition, the beer filling machine equipment can fully automatically complete the height change of the bottle body, fully ensuring the production efficiency. The operating efficiency of EvoFILL Class is as high as 98. 5%, supporting a variety of beverages and filling temperatures, which alone can reflect its excellent production performance.
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