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Introduction of glass bottle beverage filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-19
Today we are going to talk about glass bottle beverage filling machine, there are a lot of filling machine about beverage on the market, for different drinks, we need different filling machine. Among them, the more complicated requirement is the filling of gas-containing beverages. Many people don't know much about the filling of glass bottle beverages. Let's take the glass bottle beverage filling machine of Zhangjiagang trano Machinery Co. , Ltd. as an example. The glass bottle beverage filling machine product integrates washing, filling and sealing, and is suitable for filling various fruit juice beverages and tea beverages. At the same time, replacing a small number of parts can be used for filling pure water, mineral water and mountain spring water. The output can reach 24000 bottles/hour, which can be selected by users. The advanced micro-negative pressure gravity filling principle is adopted, and the filling is fast, stable and accurate, with a perfect material return system, it can also realize independent air return during backflow without contact with materials. The whole is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and easy to clean. The machine has compact structure, small occupied factory building, high working efficiency, stability and reliability, and high degree of automation. The original road adopts imported AIRTAC products. The inner and outer nozzles for washing barrels all adopt the unique technical equipment of imported American spray company. The line equipment has compact structure, high working efficiency, stability and reliability, sensitive and correct action and high degree of automation, and is a full-automatic barrel equipment with the Trinity of electromechanical gas. The working process of the glass bottle beverage filling machine: the bottle is transmitted to the three-in-one filling machine by the bottle air delivery system through the bottle star wheel. A bottle clip is installed on the rotary plate of the bottle punching machine, and the bottle clip holds the bottle mouth and flips 180 along a guide rail. , Make the bottle mouth down. In the specific area of the bottle filling machine, the nozzle sprays out the bottle Flushing disinfectant or water to flush the inner wall of the bottle. After the bottle is washed and drained, it is clamped by the bottle clip and then turned 180 along the guide rail. , Make the bottle mouth up. The washed bottles are exported from the bottle punching machine through the dial bottle star wheel and transmitted to the filling machine. The bottle entering the filling machine is held by the bottle mouth where the bottleneck pallet is stuck. The filling valve is lowered and raised under the action of Cam through the valve lifting mechanism. Pressure filling is adopted for filling. After the filling valve drops and contacts the bottle mouth, it is opened to complete the filling process. After the filling is finished, the filling valve rises up and leaves the bottle mouth, and the bottle enters the capping machine through the transition wheel of the card bottleneck. The screw-stopping knife on the screw-capping machine gets stuck at the bottleneck, keeping the bottle upright and preventing it from rotating. The capping head keeps the revolution and rotation on the capping machine, and under the action of the Cam, the movements of grasping the cap, capping, capping and uncapping are realized, and the whole sealing process is completed. The finished bottle is transferred from the capping machine to the delivery chain of the bottle through the out-of-bottle wheel, and sent out from the three-in-one bottle machine by the delivery chain. The equipment of the whole machine is closed by window sealing. The height of the window sealing is higher than the high point of the equipment zui. There are appropriate passages at the inlet and outlet bottles, and the exhaust groove is left at the bottom of the window sealing. Well, with regard to the knowledge of glass bottle beverage filling machines, today's introduction is here first. If you haven't purchased filling equipment, please choose according to your own production status. If you have any questions ,.
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