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Introduction of product characteristics and advantages of pop can filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-12
Introduction of product features and advantages of pop can filling machine: 1. Pop can filling machine adopts original imported non-intermittent torque screw head, which has large torque, good stability and stability, low noise and good application in other factories; 2, the patent design of the filling valve, filling speed, no leakage and splash, reduce the possibility of pipeline resistance loss and food pollution; 3. Adopting HBM intelligent digital weighing module, automatic optimization and calibration of filling weight, ensuring continuous high-precision filling requirements, and simply realizing the conversion of different oil products and filling capacity; And the weight of the packaging container is out of tolerance without filling, and it has leak-proof function at the same time; 4, with the help of the network, to achieve remote monitoring and maintenance. 5. The filling cylinder adopts a conical design structure, which makes the cleaning faster and more thorough; 6. Automatic cleaning of the material cylinder and automatic circulation to complete oil switching; 7. During CIP, the filling machine runs at low speed and cleans evenly. The filling valve has large caliber and no pipeline connection. The flow rate is fast and the cleaning is more thorough and faster.
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