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Introduction of two-device saccharification system for small beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-27
The two-vessel saccharification equipment is also the two-vessel and two-body equipment we often say, which mainly consists of a saccharification filter tank, a boiling rotary sedimentation tank. Function of saccharification filter tank: saccharification and filtration; Function of boiling rotary sedimentation tank: boiling and rotary sedimentation. If another hot water tank is configured, the working efficiency can be improved by 50%. The advantages and disadvantages of this set of saccharification system are obvious. The manufacturer of self-brewed beer equipment introduces the advantages of the two-device saccharification system: ① the equipment is simple and the investment is small. (2) the pipeline is simple and the operation is simple. (3) the height of the equipment is low, and the requirement for the height of the site is not high. Its main disadvantages are: ① Only Suction filtration can be adopted during wort filtration ( That is, the mash is in the filter tank, and the wort is extracted by the wort pump and pumped into the boiling rotary sedimentation tank) The filtering speed is relatively slow, and the requirements for the winemaker are high. Once the operation is wrong, the light layer will lead to the compaction of the wheat grain, and the filtration is difficult. The weight will lead to the deformation of the sieve plate and affect the subsequent use. (2) in order to reduce the influence on rotary sinking, this kind of equipment generally does not set anti-rotation cross. Anti-rotation cross is mainly set in saccharification pot, and its function is to prevent whirlpool when pouring mash. Obviously, the saccharification/boiling pot which is not equipped with anti-rotation cross is easy to form Whirlpool when pouring mash, causing gas to enter the wort pump, and will form gas binding to the wort pump when it is light, heavy Gas will enter the wort pump due to a large amount of gas, forming cavitation, affecting the service life of the wort pump. ③ In the beer equipment manufacturing industry, a stirrer is usually set in the boiling pot. Because the boiling pot has the function of a rotary sink, the stirrer will affect the rotary sinking effect. (4) wash the waste water can only be prepared in advance, stored in a container or fermentation tank ( Generally not recommended to store in the fermentation tank, such as improper operation, easy to form a vacuum in the fermentation tank or affect the operation of the ice water system)Inside, the operation is troublesome and the heat loss is high. ⑤ Only mash saccharification method can be used in saccharification, with fewer saccharification temperature steps and higher requirements for malt quality. ⑥ Generally, only two batches can be brewed at most in a day, and winemakers need to stay up late to work overtime. We must be careful when choosing the saccharification system of beer equipment. This process determines the quality and batch of beer we brew.
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