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Introduction to characteristics of self-brewed beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-25
Self-brewed beer equipment is now a popular brewing equipment, which is widely used in hotels, bars, restaurants and other entertainment places. Specifically, it can be divided into the use of brewing equipment, micro-beer equipment, small-scale beer equipment and self-brewing equipment to let customers know that our beer is natural without adding any additives, next, let's take a look at the characteristics of home-brewed beer equipment. Self-brewed beer equipment refers to the equipment used to produce beer, which can be divided into cash. Self-brewed fresh beer equipment is mainly applicable to hotels, bars, barbecues and small and medium-sized breweries. On the characteristics of production technology self-brewed beer refers to the beer brewed by itself with miniature beer equipment. Because it is brewed by hand, it is not brewed by industrial mass production, so it is called self-brewed beer, its production is completely different from the beer produced by some large breweries. In Germany, the beer purity law issued clearly stipulates that the raw materials used for brewing beer can only be: 1. Hops; 2. Barley malt; 3. Yeast; 4. Water. Self-brewed beer area is a kind of high-grade beer, which is often sold in some high-grade star hotels. We are responsible for providing you with technical support and some raw materials needed in the brewing process (Of course, you can also purchase raw materials yourself). The fermentation process is mainly low temperature fermentation. Fermentation time is 10 days- About 21 days, the fermentation period of some German beer farms, such as smilivi beer Manor, is 28 days, so that beer can ferment slowly at low temperature, with softer taste and more lasting fragrance, the foam is richer. Self-brewed beer equipment mainly consists of the following systems: 1. Malt pulverization system; 2. Saccharification, boiling, filtration system; 3. Fermentation system; 4. Temperature control system; 5. Refrigeration system; 6. CIP in-situ automatic cleaning system. The self-brewed beer equipment is made of copper and stainless steel. The copper antique shape of the saccharification pot is elegant and elegant. The equipment adopts electric heating mode, which is easy to operate, noise-free and pollution-free. Our company can also customize beer equipment according to the actual situation of each hotel, so that self-brewed beer equipment becomes the hardware to improve the grade of the hotel. This kind of on-site wine-making and wine-tasting bars and restaurants have increasingly appeared in urban life. The hotel's self-brewed beer equipment is the inevitable direction of the development of the catering industry in the future, because with the improvement of people's quality of life, people's consumption demand will increase to the direction of more nutrition, more health care, more natural and more enjoyment, and because of the self-brewed beer, in terms of nutrition or consumption sentiment, it is impossible for high-grade bottled beer to compete with it. What is more important is on-site brewing and on-site consumption of self-brewed beer equipment, it can integrate the unique process of brewing without Miscellaneous bacteria infection system, without filtration, without high temperature treatment and without any additives, and truly integrate with whole Malt Brewing. Therefore, of course, the taste is purer, fresher, more nutritious and more sanitary. In particular, the production process does not add any additives, which is truly original and all-natural beer, and can be called the boutique of beer. At the same time, many beer houses in developed countries in the world can be seen everywhere, which fully reflects the development prospects and vitality of beer houses in China. A set of beautiful and luxurious self-brewed beer equipment will be placed in the storefront, and the original beer will be brewed on the spot, which will be an abnormal change in China's catering industry. It is not only a large amount of capital investment, but also a high-tech investment, which can not only display the image and strength of the store, but also a major turning point for self-brewed beer equipment.
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