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Is water treatment important?

by:Trano     2019-12-13
Water is one of the most important raw materials for beer, and water treatment is a deep knowledge. But at the same time, many homebrew lovers did not deal with water and brewed beer. So, is water treatment a very important link for home brewing? Unimportant reasons 1. The quality of tap water in my home is not bad. When I first came to Shanghai, I lived in Puxi. At that time, the domestic water in Shanghai mainly came from Huangpu River, and the water quality was not very good. Later, when he moved to Pudong, the Qingcaosha Reservoir on Changxing Island had been put into use, and the water quality was obviously much better than before. The author of Qingcaosha Reservoir in Changxing Island, Shanghai, brewed wine several times directly from tap water at home, and there was no obvious problem. So if you think the water quality in your home is good and there is no obvious smell, you might as well try brewing a pot first. If you have a water quality, you may wish to try a pot. There are more important links to deal with home brewing. It seems simple. In fact, there are many links to control. Sometimes it is necessary to prioritize. For example, cleaning and disinfection, avoiding oxidation and controlling fermentation process are relatively more important things. If these parts are not ready yet, don't worry too much about the water part for the time being. Because of the influence of bacteria, oxidation and poor fermentation on wine, the influence is far greater than that of aquatic products (Unless you use obviously polluted water). Contamination, oxidation and poor fermentation have greater effects on wine 3. Knowing whether some alternative methods are good or bad is a result of the comprehensive presentation of many raw materials and processes, and there is not only one correct path to go. For example, everyone knows the story of Guinness in those days. Because the water in Ireland is very alkaline, it should be neutralized with black malt with high acidity. In those days, Guinness used black malt with high acidity to neutralize the highly alkaline water quality in Ireland, but on the other hand, if you want to brew Irish Shi Tao, you don't have to increase the alkalinity of the water first, for example, basic maltose and dark malt extraction can be separated, so there is no need to do any water treatment. 4. There is no suitable quantitative tool. Besides knowing the basic principles of water treatment, you also need some accurate tools to help, otherwise the result will backfire. These tools include high-precision pH meters, high-precision electronic scales, and water treatment calculation software (Manual calculation is more troublesome)Wait. If the home brew is a 20-litre system, the final salt to be added is a few grams, and it is often too much. If you don't have these tools at home, it is recommended that you don't add anything to the water easily. Important Reason 1. I want to make wine with tap water, but the content of chlorine is relatively high. If the local water source is seriously polluted, the tap water company will often enlarge the amount of chlorine to disinfect. Residual chlorine will form chlorophenol with phenolic substances in the brewing process, bringing obvious peculiar smell to the wine. If the residual chlorine in tap water is easy to bring odor to the wine, if you install a household activated carbon water purifier, you can filter out chlorine and other impurities. Of course, there are other methods for activated carbon water purifiers. For example, boiling can also evaporate chlorine in water. For example, Campten tablets are sold online, and chlorine and Chloramine can be removed directly in water. 2. I want to brew light beer, but the alkalinity of water is too heavy. If light malt is saccharified in distilled water, the pH is about 5. 8. We usually do not use distilled water, and hope that the saccharification pH is not higher than 5. 8, preferably 5. 2-5. About 5. The best pH for saccharification is 5. 2-5. About 5, so if your water is too alkaline, there will be problems, which will not only affect the sugar production efficiency, but also extract more polyphenol substances. Although you can use calcium salt or acid rest, the simplest thing is to put a little acid, such as phosphonic acid or lactic acid, which has little effect on the flavor and ionic composition of wort. It should be noted here that in addition to saccharification, the pH value of the washing tank water must also be adjusted. 3. The water lacks some key minerals, the most important of which is calcium. Calcium plays an important role in many links such as saccharification and fermentation. We hope its concentration will not be lower than 50ppm. If the calcium content is too low, calcium salts such as calcium sulfate or calcium chloride will generally be added. If there is a lack of calcium in the water, calcium salt will generally be added because sulfuric acid ions and chloride ions have an impact on the flavor of the wine, so it is important to add any kind of salt. If you want to emphasize bitterness, generally add calcium sulfate; If you want to emphasize malt flavor, calcium chloride is usually added. If you want to compare the neutral effect, you can put the two together, but be careful not to put more! 4. Copying a specific category of drinks has played an important role in the production of some categories in history. For example, pastel al in Burton region of England is very famous, and the local water alkalinity and calcium sulfate content are very high. If you want to brew an authentic Burton-style Al, you can certainly treat the water accordingly, such as adding some calcium sulfate. Calcium sulfate, but be careful, many data on water quality around the country are not very reliable. Later generations did not know what kind of water the winery used and whether it had been treated. We can roughly imitate it and do not need to copy it completely. Finally, what do you think about the importance of water treatment?
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