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Key points of maintenance of beer barrel cleaning machine

by:Trano     2020-01-10
As an important beer production equipment, beer barrel cleaning machine also needs everyone to maintain and maintain it in daily use. As for how to do it, beer filling machine manufacturers-- Trano summarized the four major maintenance points for everyone. First, the cleaning of the beer barrel cleaning machine should be cleaned every day. It is recommended to use cleaning solution or detergent to clean the beer barrel cleaning machine. The inner container should be cleaned and wiped with steel balls as much as possible. Second, the maintenance of stainless steel butterfly valve after the beer barrel cleaning machine is used, the stainless steel butterfly valve shall be disassembled and cleaned separately to ensure that it is not stained with any liquid. III. Precautions during use, hard and rough articles must not be dragged on the surface of beer barrel cleaning machine equipment, and the stainless steel surface should be kept dry from time to time, especially at the welding point, keeping it clean and dry is also a very effective way to prevent rust. Fourth, the protection of the control panel controls the nerve center of the whole beer production equipment of the panel type. During the operation, beware of sprinkling water or beer on it. If a single short circuit occurs, the equipment will stop working, serious cases can endanger personal safety. The maintenance work of the beer barrel cleaning machine is roughly the same. You can refer to the above four points for maintenance work to ensure the use effect and quality of the beer barrel cleaning machine. : Beer barrel cleaning machine
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