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Main Circuit design of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-10
Wine is an indispensable drink in everyone's life. Whether it is a big gathering or a small gathering, it is inseparable from it. There are many beer production equipment needed for beer brewing, and beer filling machine is one of the most commonly used filling equipment. Today, the beer filling machine manufacturer will share with you the main circuit design of the filling machine. In the main circuit of beer filling machine, the devices to be controlled include solenoid valves, refrigerators, refrigeration pipeline pumps, saccharification pipeline pumps, heaters, mixers, ploughing knives, etc. Use DZ10 for main switch- One circuit breaker of 100A, 7 circuit breakers of DZ47 type 32A type for each motor and 220V incoming power, and AMC01E- C63, plus 6 AC contactors AA01-1810 (One of them is 28A and five are 18A) , The temperature sensor is Pt100 type 8, the button uses LA380 series, 220 v ac-220 AC transformer. The main electrical diagram of the motor of the beer filling machine is shown in Fig. 5. In order to meet the emergency situation, an emergency button is added to the coil of the AC contactor. For the emergency button, it is usually in a passageway state, when the button is pressed and it is disconnected, rotate to reset it. The above content is the main circuit design of the beer filling machine introduced by the beer filling machine manufacturer. Through the combination of pictures and texts, I believe everyone has already understood the circuit process of beer filling. Is this kind of automation equipment very useful? : Beer filling machine manufacturer
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