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Main structural performance and cleaning method of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-10
Beer is a kind of drink that everyone likes very much. There are many kinds of beer on the market. Natural beer packaging is also endless, bottled and canned, canned beer is also more popular. Do you know the main structure and performance of beer filling machine? Trano company will show you about it! I. Main structure and function: 1. Filling part: the filling part is mainly filled with isobaric South Light Valve, which is characterized by high filling precision. The filling cylinder can be filled with stainless steel 304 or 316 according to customer requirements. 2. Sealing Part: The gland head uses the new Meixing gland head, the sealing precision is high, the outside of the cam is wrapped with stainless steel 304, and the package contains a small window to facilitate the addition of lubricating oil. 3. Parts: the filling part and the sealing part of the beer filling machine are provided with an automatic capping device, and the rear part of the filling part and the capping device respectively contain a photoelectric detection device and a photoelectric receiving device, the conveying part is transported by gear-type bottle pushing, which is convenient to control the filling and sealing of bottles. Second, the performance of the filling machine 1. The filling adopts a liquid cylinder type feeding structure, and the filling valve adopts a new type of high-speed and large-flow filling valve, with accurate quantification. 2. The gland adopts the capping technology introduced by France. 3. The host PLC and frequency converter are all brand hosts, such as Mitsubishi and Omron in Japan. Three, cleaning method to keep the filling machine pipeline clean, all pipelines, especially those in indirect or direct contact with materials, should be kept clean, brushed every week, water every day, sterilization every time; Make sure the filling machine is clean, scrub and sterilize the material tank, and ensure that there is no scale and bacteria in the parts in contact with the materials. In the production process of beer production line, it is a good method to ensure the biological stability sterilization of bottled beer. It is necessary to control the sterilization time and temperature to ensure the final effect, and to avoid too long sterilization time or too high temperature, reduce beer oxidation, and cool down as soon as possible after sterilization so that the temperature does not exceed 35℃. In addition, the filling equipment should be isolated from other equipment, the lubricating part of the filling machine and the filling material part should prevent cross contamination, and the lubrication of the conveyor belt should use special soapy water or lubricating oil. If the frequently used filling machine is not cleaned regularly, it is very unsanitary and easy to breed invisible bacteria inside the filling machine. In order to ensure the cleaning of the filling machine, beer manufacturers need to clean the filling machine equipment regularly. In addition, low-temperature filling is a low requirement for beer filling. Under normal circumstances, beer is not easy to foam in a low-temperature environment, which is conducive to filling. The above is about the main structure and performance of the beer filling machine, as well as the cleaning method, I hope to help you. : Beer filling machine
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