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Maintenance and precautions of lid pulling and barrel brushing machine

by:Trano     2020-02-29
In order to meet the needs of the majority of mineral water plants and pure water plants, the tedious empty barrel treatment process has become simple automation. Zhangjiagang Nancheng Machinery Co. , Ltd. introduced and absorbed the advanced technology of painting barrels and pulling covers at home and abroad, and developed BS-based on the actual situation of existing manufacturers and the management requirements of drinking water industry-Type 1 Series brush barrel puller. The equipment is reliable in performance, simple in operation and convenient in maintenance: 1. Regularly check the cleaning condition in the pulling head and whether the connecting screws between the pulling head and the cylinder are loose. 2. If it is found that some barrels cannot be pulled down during use, it may be that the bottleneck size of this barrel is abnormal; If it is found that it is difficult to separate the barrels and caps in batches, check whether the connection between the capping head and the cylinder is loose or displaced, and pay attention to whether the air source pressure is less than 5Mpa. 3. During the use of the host, do not put your hand into the pull-out head to avoid strain during work. 4, maintenance, please close the air source, so as not to damage the equipment or cause personal injury. 5, it is strictly prohibited to use the water pump in the case of water shortage, it is strictly prohibited to reverse the brush. 6, keep the water tank clean, no dirt into the water tank. 7. Check whether the sealing performance of the outer brush shaft is good. 8, electrical components maintenance inspection once a month, to ensure that the use is always in good condition.
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