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Manufacturers of fine brewing beer equipment--The function and structure of the saccharification pot

by:Trano     2020-02-26
Saccharification pot is a component of saccharification system in fine beer equipment (1) Role: mainly for protein decomposition and starch saccharification and other operations. (2)Structure: similar to gelatinization pot. D/H = 2:1, volume wash 77% ~ 82%, the angle of the cone bottom is generally less than 120 degrees. Volume: 1 times larger than the gelatinization pot, filling coefficient is 0. 7, the heat transfer area is smaller than the gelatinization pot. The saccharification pot is a container with a cylindrical body, a slightly conical interlayer and an arc-shaped top cover. In order to keep the mash at a certain temperature in the pot, most of the saccharification pots designed in China are equipped with jackets at the bottom so as to keep the mash warm by hot water or steam, and at the same time to keep the concentration and temperature of the mash uniform. Near the bottom of the pot, there is a paddle agitator rotating. The agitator is directly driven by the motor through the vertical turbine reducer, and there are 2 discharge valves under the bottom of the pot, the mash can be sent to the gelatinization pot and the filter tank respectively. There are two manhole pull doors on the lid of the pot. One is a double-hole pull door and the other is a single-hole pull door, which is both a wait-and-see hole and a manhole. The top of the pot cover is equipped with an exhaust pipe, and the root of the exhaust pipe has a corrugated ditch to collect the condensed water left along the wall of the exhaust pipe and then discharge it out of the pot through the condensate pipe. The root is also equipped with an exhaust hole door to adjust its opening and closing degree as required. There is a hood on the top to prevent birds from entering and wind and rain from pouring down, and a lower hood is installed on the lid. In order to avoid dust rising, the lower powder barrel device has cold and hot water entering the powder at the same time. The pot cover is also equipped with a pressure thermometer and a lighting lamp, and is equipped with a mash outlet. The material of the saccharification pot, the pot body is stainless steel, the inner layer of the pot bottom and the top of the pot are purple copper plates. The saccharification pot is heated by steam jacket, and the heating area of the steam jacket is limited, but the internal cleaning is relatively convenient, and because the liquid in the saccharification pot has solids, it is not suitable to use other heating methods. Steam jacket heating has little resistance to liquid circulation in the pot, but high-pressure steam cannot be used, because the larger the diameter of the equipment, the greater the pressure generated when steam with the same pressure enters the jacket wall, the thickness must be increased. In order to avoid the jacket being too thick, only steam with lower pressure is used, and the pressure used for heating the steam jacket is generally not more than 0. 25MPa. Company website: tranogroup. COM
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