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Market analysis of beer kegs

by:Trano     2019-12-11
? Beer barrel fresh beer, a Chinese-style beer packaging sales form, has been in the beer sales market in China for nearly 20 years. This form has been seen in all beer markets across the country, but the development direction is very different. Some areas are in the ascendant stage of development, and some areas have developed steadily and have become an indispensable form of sales in the local beer market. There are also some areas with large ups and downs, which are vigorous at first, and show a downward trend after a period of time. Next, I will give you a detailed explanation of the market analysis. 一 、 The reason of fresh bucket Because it has the characteristics of pressure holding and heat preservation, convenient filling and transportation, and can be used in various places, compared with other packaging forms of beer, it has the advantages of low investment, fast launch, and quick results. It is also because of the refreshing taste and richness of fresh beer. Its nutritional value has made its market position and development space. These are necessary conditions for the product to be accepted by the market and the project to survive. Compared with the market conditions and fresh beer packaging sales form at the time, it was indeed a “revolution of the beer packaging industry”. However, with the current market environment and consumers' demands for beer quality, we will find some problems and defects that cannot be avoided. Because hygiene is the primary issue in beer production, storage, transportation and sales. As a turnover container for packaging beer, thorough cleaning should be the basic condition, but this is exactly the soft rib of the beer barrel, because the insulation layer cannot withstand high-temperature steam disinfection and cleaning, and only cold cleaning methods can be used. The wine mouth and wine spear are hygienic dead corners. It is impossible to thoroughly clean without disassembly. Over time, it has become a breeding ground for bacteria and hidden health hazards. This is also the main reason for the short shelf life of beer in the barrel. With the development of the barreled fresh beer market, consumers' understanding and requirements for fresh beer have gradually matured and improved. The stability and consistency of beer quality and taste are the basic requirements of consumers. The current method is to use an open, pressureless, self-flowing way to discharge wine. After the barrel of wine is opened, there is no pressure in the barrel, the carbon dioxide in the wine will accelerate to overflow, the taste of the wine will change, and the longer the sale , The greater the change in wine quality, the last glass may become beer. Consumers do not know the reason for the change in alcohol quality, and often blame the unstable quality of beer, which leads to new consumption choices. The packaging image of food and beer is an important basis for consumers to intuitively divide the quality of internal content and consumption choices. The beer barrel is a storage and transportation device. In the process of using it, it is inevitable that bumps and abrasion will be inevitable. Time-long appearance is unrecognizable. Some barrels have broken shells and continue to be used. In addition, the external cleaning of the barrel is not complete, and the stains are spreading. It directly affects the consumer's desire for consumption, thus forming a low-grade impression of barreled fresh beer in the eyes of consumers. Twenty-two, organizational reasons Because the project has a small investment and a fast listing time, most beer companies decide to go public according to the market demand and according to the principle that everyone has it. There is no planning and demonstration of project planning and management in the early stage. After the product is listed, there is a lack of dynamic management of the market. Many companies Adopting a simple management model in which the agent invests in buying barrels from the manufacturer to supply wine, the barreled fresh beer project is freed from the control of the enterprise and allowed to develop freely, resulting in the phenomenon of heavy profits and heavy profits for the enterprise and neglecting the brand building of the enterprise And image maintenance. In the end, it is the unprofitable result of the immense amount of agents in the enterprise. Many beer manufacturers did not have development plans and long-term plans when they launched the project, so the project is currently hot and cold and cannot be developed in a healthy and sustainable manner.
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