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Matters needing attention and key points in cleaning beer sterilizer

by:Trano     2020-02-18
Friends who are familiar with beer sterilization machine all know that beer sterilization machine is the equipment that must be used in beer beverage production. The beer sterilization machine is mainly used to ensure the hygiene of beer, in order to ensure the cleanness and hygiene of the beer sterilizer, regular flushing is required. Next, we will introduce in detail the matters needing attention in cleaning the beer sterilizer and the key points. 1. Ensure sufficient supply of concentrated acid and concentrated alkali during cleaning 2. Low temperature for a long time, check whether the inlet and outlet butterfly valves of ice water are closed. Whether the cooling water is turned on when the beer sterilizer is cleaned; When cleaning with single-effect falling film device, check the evaporation chamber 4. When the conductivity meter of the cleaning circuit does not change for a long time, immediately check all valve movements, especially whether the manual valve is open. The pressure at the outlet of the beer sterilizer is guaranteed to be 2. 5-3. 5 bar 6. When cleaning 1500, select the cleaning mode 7 according to the needs of the product. Cold homogeneous cleaning is the same as pipeline cleaning. The above are the matters needing attention and key points for cleaning beer sterilizer. After using beer sterilizer for a period of time, dust and bacteria will inevitably occur, which not only affects elegance, at the same time, it seriously affects the hygiene of beer, so the beer sterilizer needs to be cleaned and maintained frequently.
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