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Miniature beer equipment--Why does the bubble form in beer?

by:Trano     2019-12-29
For beer, we always want to drink but feel particularly bitter, not willing to suffer. So I am even more curious about the foam in beer. Xiao Bian was curious about everything from an early age. In order to understand why there is foam in beer, he specially invited the master of Shandong trano's self-brewing beer equipment, following the Shandong trano self-brewing beer equipment Master to understand the formation of foam in beer: Hops is one of the raw materials for brewing beer. Beer is a favorite drink. Its cool bitter taste, light aroma and the delayed foam are all intoxicating. As everyone knows, these are all from hops. Hops are of the genus Humulus of Moraceae, with two types of aroma and bitter taste. The beer we drink at ordinary times is mainly made of bitter hops. Hops unisexual, dioecious. Hops used as raw materials for beer can only use female flowers instead of male flowers, because female flowers contain right yellow Balsam glands, which can extract hops ketone. Each hop weighs about 0. 14 grams, only 5% of hops are actually used in beer, and about 2500 hops are needed for every liters of 12 degrees of beer. Hops are cold-resistant crops, native to Europe, America and Western Asia, and are mainly cultivated in countries along the coast of the China Sea. Its cultivation history is quite long. Ancient Egypt used hops as medicine. Around the end of the 8th century, hops gradually became the raw material for brewing beer and began cultivation with Germany as the center. In 736 AD, hops was explicitly mentioned in a Bavarian document for the first time. On 1079, a man named Holly · The Dean of Hildegaard's convent wrote about the use of hops in beer. Later, a missionary in Munich monastery reformed the brewing technology of beer, obtained the privilege of brewing and selling beer, and established the world's first brewery. On 1516, William IV, Duke of Bavaria, promulgated the beer purity Act, which stipulates:'Fermented beer' It can only be brewed with barley malt, hops, yeast and water, and no other ingredients can be added. Making an ancient craft and ingredients has been maintained until now. In response, Shandong trano also shared with us the advantages of using beer equipment: 1. Hygiene: beer is made of natural raw materials and produced under conditions that absolutely meet hygiene standards, it is absolutely reliable and safe natural pure food. 2. Quenching thirst: beer has a high water content (More than 90%) It's cool and refreshing to drink, and it's a cup of wine in summer. It's beautiful. 3. Refreshing: carbon dioxide and organic acids in beer have the function of refreshing and refreshing. On the one hand, moderate drinking can reduce excessive excitement and tension, and can promote muscle relaxation; on the other hand, it can stimulate nerves and promote digestion. 4. Digestion aid: Barley is the main raw material for beer production. Alcohols, hops and polyphenols can promote gastric juice secretion, excite gastric function and improve its digestion and absorption ability. 5. Diuresis: low content of sodium, alcohol and nucleic acid in beer can increase the supply of brain blood, expand coronary arteries, and accelerate the metabolic activity of human body by stimulating the kidney with the provided blood. 6, weight loss: in a variety of weight loss methods, beer can play a very good weight loss effect. This is because it contains a lot of sodium, protein and calcium, does not contain fat and cholesterol, and is very effective in inhibiting the excessive growth of body shape. 7. Disease prevention: tests conducted by California Medical Center in the United States show that people who drink moderate beer can reduce the risk of heart disease and ulcer, and can prevent hypertension and other diseases compared with abstinence and alcoholism. You should know something about beer equipment! The use of beer equipment is to make the beer we drink cleaner and more hygienic. : Miniature beer equipment
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