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On the necessity of cleaning small beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-25
With the rapid development of the beer market, when we use beer equipment to brew beer, we have more and more strict requirements on the cleanliness and sterility of the brewing production process. No matter for the environmental sanitation of the production site, it still puts forward higher requirements for the cleaning of production pipelines and equipment. Beer production should not only have good equipment, but also have a matching cleaning process, so as to ensure that the beer production process is not infected by miscellaneous bacteria, so as to improve the biological stability and taste stability of the finished beer. Today, haulu beer equipment manufacturers popularize the necessity of cleaning beer equipment. 【Beer equipment-Cleaning System] The main purpose of cleaning: 1: wash away the dirt film formed by protein and carbohydrate and deposited minerals as much as possible. 2: Since the fungicide can only kill the bacteria on the surface of the dirt, and the internal surviving bacteria will be exposed later, causing re-contamination, so the existing microbial colonies must be removed during cleaning. The necessity of cleaning: 1: the metal surface in contact with the material in the production process, due to various reasons will deposit some dirt. 2: dirt particles mainly include protein, grease, fat particles, dry yeast, hop resin, Beer stone and minerals, etc. They are attached to and deposited on the inner surface of equipment and pipelines, it makes it rough and difficult to clean, which provides a shelter for the growth of microorganisms and weakens the effect of fungicides. This article will first talk about the necessity and purpose of cleaning. You can digest it first, and later haolu beer equipment company will continue to share the requirements and influencing factors of the cleaning process.
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