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Orange peel jam filling machine fills new height-Industry News-Mineral water-Pure water equipment-Bottled water-Beer filling machine-Fully automatic

by:Trano     2020-02-29
In the progress of the times, only development can meet the importance of innovation. The growth of orange peel jam filling machine is a beautiful thing. In the process of rapid development and pursuit, orange peel filling machine is always speeding up its own development and innovation, it is the moment when it makes better service. It is obvious to all that orange peel jam filling machine is developing towards high speed, high efficiency and high quality. It is in this way that everyone has seen the rapid development of jam filling machine. Feeling the support of the market has given orange peel jam filling machine more growth opportunities. In this new era, the maturity of orange peel jam filling machine is a necessary thing. The following small editor will lead you to a detailed understanding of the advantages of Dongpi jam filling machine: 1. Using positive displacement plunger pump to fill sauce, the dosage range is large and the filling accuracy is high, it can adjust the loading capacity of all pump bodies, and can also adjust the single pump body slightly, which is fast and convenient. 2. The plunger pump filling system does not adsorb drugs, has good chemical stability, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and long service life. 3. The components of advanced and well-known brands at home and abroad are adopted as the electrical components of the machine itself, with stable and reliable quality and designed according to GMP requirements. 4. In order to avoid the phenomenon of inaccurate movement or dislocation of bottles, we have specially designed a bottle position error correction device to ensure the smooth and stable filling process.
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