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Selection of fermentation temperature control strategy for micro beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-01-01
At present, there are many types of beer production equipment on the market, among which miniature beer equipment is very popular with consumers, and the use of this kind of beer brewing equipment is also skillful, the following Shandong trano Packaging Equipment Co. , Ltd. will briefly introduce the selection of fermentation temperature control strategy for micro beer equipment. During the use of miniature beer equipment, fermentation and storage stage of beer are places where energy consumption is relatively large in production, so the strategy of constant temperature control is improved. Because fermentation is a slow change process, the temperature rise speed in the fermentation stage is small, and when the indoor temperature is 25℃, the temperature rise rate caused by heat exchange with the environment and heat release from yeast fermentation is 0. 2℃/h. Therefore, for the sake of simplicity, the strategy of return difference control is adopted, and the return difference value is 1 ℃ (The temperature constant error is 0. 5 ° C). When the temperature in the fermentation tank is higher than the upper limit of the return difference temperature, the refrigeration tank obtains the demand signal, first opens the refrigerator switch, reduces its own temperature from the non-working temperature to the working temperature, and then opens the solenoid valve corresponding to the tank number, after the delay, open the fermentation pipeline pump for refrigeration. Refrigeration end also the fermentation tank temperature lower than backlash temperature lower limit first close pipeline pump and then close the solenoid valve. The temperature of the refrigeration tank is stabilized at the non-working temperature. For strong coupling interference between tanks. In addition, the same pipeline pump and alcohol water are used for the refrigeration of the fermentation tank, so the queuing algorithm is adopted here, I . e. the solenoid valve of the fermentation tank that sends out the signal is preferentially opened to complete the cooling, so that the whole miniature beer equipment system can operate effectively. The above content is the choice of fermentation temperature control strategy for micro beer equipment introduced by trano. You can have a good understanding and learn to control the fermentation temperature is very helpful for everyone to use beer brewing equipment. : Beer production equipment, miniature beer equipment
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