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Self-brewed beer equipment-Operating method of saccharification system

by:Trano     2020-02-26
After buying self-brewed beer equipment, we also need to know how to use it. Saccharification system is the core of the whole equipment. How can saccharification equipment be operated correctly? Small beer equipment manufacturers simply share their experiences: saccharification equipment operation (1)Equipment Inspection: check the boiling pot and filter tank (Small equipment saccharification, boiling as one pot) Whether the pipe fittings, valves, instruments and water, electricity and steam supply are normal, no abnormality, clean and prepare for feeding; (2) Preparation of feeding water: add 500L of tap water into the boiling pot and start heating. During the electric heating process, the vortex valve and wort pump should be opened 3- 5 minutes, in order to mix evenly, heat up to 68 ° C, stop heating; Open the relevant valve, start the wort pump, and pump the feeding water into 275L from the bottom of the filter tank; (3)Feeding 55 ℃ (Protein decomposition) : First start the stirring of the filter tank, put the large malt powder into the filter tank, stir evenly, stop stirring, and start timing; Wheat beer is first put into barley malt, after stirring evenly, then put into wheat malt, and then stir evenly; Keep the temperature 55 1 ℃ for 70 minutes; (4) Prepare mash water: Boil the pot and add water to 350, start heating, raise the temperature to 100 ℃, and stop heating; Open the relevant valves and prepare to start the wort pump and mash; (5)Mash 66 ℃ (Starch saccharification) : Stir up the mash in the filter tank, pump 100 ℃ hot water from the bottom of the filter tank while stirring, and mix the mash to 66 ℃; After the black beer is mixed at the temperature, add Coke malt and black malt powder, and stir evenly (3-5 minutes); 66 ° C for 80 minutes; (6) Pipeline sterilization: connect the wort pipeline, form a loop from the boiling pot, and start the wort pump to circulate hot water for 20 minutes (Water temperature shall not be lower than 80 degrees), Then the hose is connected to the fermentation tank material port (Fermentation tank material mouth need alcohol sterilization). If you need to know more about beer equipment, you can pay attention: http://tranogroup . Com, or leave us a message directly!
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