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Several misunderstandings should be paid attention to when buying self-brewed beer equipment

by:Trano     2020-02-25
When it comes to entrepreneurship, there may be a career dream, but with the saturation of the market, entrepreneurship is becoming more and more difficult. It is a good choice to start a fine brewing beer house. How can fine brewing beer have less beer equipment, but many entrepreneurs often suffer from the misunderstanding of equipment selection. Today, beer equipment manufacturers will take you to learn how to choose fine beer equipment. You should be careful not to fall into several misunderstandings. I. Purchasing craft beer equipment is not as good as the larger the output. Currently, the standard configuration of 500L of craft beer equipment is used to open craft beer houses in the market, and the actual daily output is about 300L, later, according to the sales volume, the production can be expanded to 500L and above. Why is it so configured? Because the total investment of a set of fine beer equipment with a daily output of 500L is about 250,000 yuan, but if it is just opened in the early stage, it is difficult to reach the daily sales of 500L. If the full set of equipment is put in place, the financial pressure is a bit big. In the early stage, it can be configured according to the standard configuration of 500L. When the sales volume goes up, the capital pressure in the early stage will be smaller. Second, the variety of brewed beer is not the more the better. There are indeed many kinds of beer sold in the fine beer house, with more than a hundred kinds and less than a dozen kinds. But it does not mean to buy fine brewing equipment to brew more than a dozen or hundreds of fine brewing beer. If you want to brew, you can achieve it, but the investment and floor space of the equipment are too large. We only need to brew several main fine brewed fresh beer with fine brewed beer equipment, and we can purchase or process other varieties. Third, the brewed beer degree is not higher, the better. Many brewed beer lovers like to drink brewed beer with high concentration, which tastes good and full of fragrance, I just want to try my best to brew beer with higher concentration or degree when running a fine brewing beer house, and mistakenly think that it is good wine. Everyone should understand that everyone is different in the evaluation of the quality of wine. In the end, what the mass consumers like to drink is the best. Different regions, people's consumption habits are also different, must adjust measures to local conditions. High alcohol content will also affect sales volume. If it is a business model that relies on quantity to win, this method is not appropriate. IV. The configuration of fine beer equipment is not as high as possible. When inspecting fine beer equipment in the early stage, many beer equipment manufacturers recommend many high-end configurations to you, such: siemens PLC control, the installation of positive and negative pressure valves in the fermentation tank, the installation of universal wine outlet in the wine outlet, the outsourcing of copper for saccharification system, the use of several famous brands at home and abroad for auxiliary machines such as refrigerators, etc. These configurations are good, if your funds permit, you can consider it. Or you are a star hotel or a high-end bar, you need a high-end configuration to set off, so the choice is no problem. If you just open a fine brewing beer house, these configurations are unnecessary, but luxury is not practical. It is most important to choose practical equipment. Five, the same quality of brewed beer equipment is not the cheaper the better, everyone has a concept when buying things: the same quality, depending on the price; The same price depends on the quality. But there is one more important thing, the same quality and price depends on the service. Under the condition of the same quality, if you keep the price down and buy cheap things, the service will definitely be discounted. Especially for mechanical products, it is inevitable that there will be some small problems in the operation process, and the service can not keep up with it is very troublesome. Therefore, the same quality and service, reasonable price is the most appropriate. Consumer psychology is to spend the least money to buy the best products and services, but good quality and service is also cost, reasonable price to buy the most appropriate quality and service is the most important. The above are some precautions mentioned when you purchase beer equipment. If you want to know more, you can collect the official website of haolu beer equipment: http://tranogroup . Com, or call for advice, we will serve you wholeheartedly!
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