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by:Trano     2020-02-25
With the rapid development of beer production equipment companies, beer production equipment is becoming more and more popular in the market and has attracted much attention. Among them, pop can beer filling machine has developed prominently. How much do you know about it? Next, Shandong trano, a manufacturer of beer barrel cleaning machines, will analyze some contents of the filling machine below. The two functions of filling and capping are combined on one machine body, and the whole process is automated, which is suitable for filling gas-bearing beverages. This machine is made of high quality SUS304 material, and the main closing parts are processed by numerical control machine tools, the whole machine adopts advanced photoelectric to detect the operation status of each component, and has an operation display screen with no bottle, no bottle, no lid, high degree of automation and simple man-machine interface. Performance of cans beer filling machine 1. The gland adopts the gland pressing technology that is introduced by France. 2. Parts part: the filling part and the sealing part are equipped with automatic capping device. The rear part of the filling part and the capping device respectively contain photoelectric detection device and photoelectric receiving device, it is convenient to control the filling and sealing of bottles. 3. The filling adopts a liquid cylinder type feeding structure, and the filling valve adopts a new type of high-speed and large-flow filling valve, with accurate quantification. 4. Both the host PLC and the frequency converter adopt brands. Main structure and function: 1. Sealing part: the gland head uses the new American star gland head, which has high sealing precision. The outside of the cam is wrapped with stainless steel 304, and the parcel contains a small window to facilitate the addition of lubricating oil. 2. Filling part: the filling part mainly uses isobaric South Light Valve for filling. The South Light Valve is characterized by high filling precision. The filling liquid cylinder can be filled with stainless steel 304 or 316 according to customer requirements. The above is some related contents of the can beer filling machine introduced by Shandong trano, a manufacturer of beer barrel cleaning machines. I believe you have a further understanding of the filling machine after reading the above contents, I hope the above content can be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more details, you can pay more attention to the website dynamics and welcome everyone to visit and buy at any time.
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