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Small brewed bar-Customer Success experience sharing

by:Trano     2020-02-27
According to the current market demand, as well as hotel bars and restaurants joining the brewed beer industry, haolu micro beer equipment has been applied to many scenarios, and many customers have opened chain stores, haolu beer machinery manufacturers have also made in-depth understanding with successful manufacturers. Today, Xiaobian summarizes and shares the successful experience, which can be used as a reference. First, market research: whether you want to open a bar or a hotel, the first thing to do is to investigate the whole industry and the surrounding market, whether the price of the market and the group of consumers are profitable, select a good location multiplier. Second, the business model: There are many business models for selling brewed beer, such as brewed beer houses, beer Manor, bars, KTV, hotels, take-out distribution, etc. We should consider which model we intend to operate. Third, the business site: After deciding the business model, it is the site. It is very important to choose the right address. According to the model you want to operate, choose the right venue according to the size of the manufacturer's brewed beer equipment, which saves both cost and time. Four, beer equipment selection: after the business site and mode are determined, it is the equipment selection, consult the manufacturer about the type, size, daily production, price, production cost, material and other related conditions of the brewing equipment. Generally, the choice of 300L or 500L at the beginning of starting a business is enough to satisfy the market demand. In addition, manufacturers suggest to choose a split machine and try not to choose an all-in-one machine. Although the price is cheap, the function is not complete, it is also more troublesome to operate. The above is the experience of opening a shop for small beer equipment manufacturers to share with you today. I hope it will be helpful to you. Welcome to the factory for on-the-spot investigation!
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