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Small homebrew! - Customer success experience to share

by:Trano     2020-03-02
According to the demand of the market at present, and hotel bars and restaurants to join the craft beer industry, hao lu micro beer equipment is applied to a lot of scenes, there are also many customers with the chain, hao lu beer machinery manufacturers and successful manufacturers also do a thorough understanding, today small make up successful experience to make a summary and share, can be a reference. Market research: whether you want to open a bar, or a hotel, the first thing to do is the industry and the surrounding market investigation, market price and consumer groups, is profitable, choose a good position to get twice the result with half the effort. Second, the mode of operation: sales of craft beer business model has a lot of, such as craft beer house, beer manor, bars, KTV, hotel, food distribution, etc. , should consider to which they intend to run mode. Three, operation sites: decision after a good business model, is the location. Choice is very important to address, combining to its operating mode, according to the size of the factory craft beer equipment, select the appropriate field, this saves the cost, and saves time. Four, beer equipment selection: determine well after operation sites and pattern, is the selection of the equipment, consult the manufacturer brewing equipment type, size, nissan, price, production costs, material or related. Generally choose entrepreneurship, for the first 300 l and 500 l is enough to satisfied the demand of the market, and other manufacturers to choose fission machine, try not to choose all-in-one although cheap, but the function is not complete, and more trouble to operation. That is small beer equipment manufacturer today to share experience in shop, hope to help you, welcome to the factory field trips!
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