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Space barrel global conference ends successfully

by:Trano     2019-12-11
On October 24, the Global Service Providers Conference and Space Bar Launch Conference hosted by TRANO Holdings Co., Ltd. came to a successful conclusion at Shanghai Xinghewan Hotel. Large crowds gathered at the press conference. Budweiser, Heineken, Carlsberg, Qingdao, Yanjing and other domestic leading beer manufacturers, as well as well-known brands such as Niu Bing Tang, U Brow, etc. appeared on the scene. ?Mr. Qiu Diqing, Chairman of TRANO Holdings Co., Ltd., released a video of the space bucket for the guests and Tower Fan who is watching the live broadcast, highlighting the originality of the TRANO space bucket. In response to the pain points of traditional barrel beer recycling cycle, large fixed investment, and complicated installation and maintenance, in 2015, TRANO began to develop space barrels. As an innovation in the field of barrel beer, the originality of the space barrel is not only limited to the freshness of the wine, but also solves the pain points of the traditional barrel beer in the entire sales process of storage, maintenance and repair, cleaning and recycling. Space barrels are the core system-wide liquor sales solution. Qiu Diqing said: The application scenarios of TRANO are extensive and have practical significance. 'In the future, our application scenarios include five major scenarios, including bars, hotels, stalls, commercial supermarkets, and home. Subsequently, Ma Yunying, CMO of TRANO Holdings Co., Ltd., shared his unique insights on the global craft industry. Ma Yunying said that fresh and personalized barrel beer will enter a period of rapid growth with the trend of consumption upgrade. According to the global market barrel beer, With an average proportion of 20%, China's barrel beer market has 5 times growth space in the future. Ma Yunying said: 'TRANO's barrel beer distribution equipment research and development technology will change the way people drink in the future and rebuild the barrel beer ecosystem.' In 2019, TRANO will deploy 100 service providers across the country, covering 36 municipalities and provincial capitals, and 64 important prefecture-level cities. It will provide one-stop service for sales, installation, cleaning, and maintenance. Out response. Ma Yunying said that for partners, TRANO will provide comprehensive support in areas such as regional protection, price benefits, promotion, customer drainage, technical training, and material support. After the meeting, Qiu Diqing invited the distinguished guests for dinner. During the banquet, the guests and the host were in a harmonious atmosphere. They talked about the development of Tatrano in the barrel beer industry. The guests toasted toasts to celebrate the successful launch of the space barrel conference. This global conference not only allowed barrel beer enthusiasts around the world to further understand the barrel beer ecosystem of TRano, but also to build an open and professional communication platform for the industry elite, bringing unique industry insights and technology research and development, Latest trends and application scenarios. TRANO is committed to providing new innovations, new technologies and new ideas for the development of the industry, and to accelerate the early arrival of the barrel beer ecosystem.
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