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Special requirements for filling gas-containing beverages and non-gas-containing beverages

by:Trano     2020-03-01
Packaging is the key process of beverage production. No matter different packaging forms such as glass bottles, metal cans and plastic containers, no matter what filling method and filling system are adopted, the quality requirements of carbonated beverages should be guaranteed, these quality requirements are mainly: 1 to achieve the expected level of carbonation carbonated beverages Carbonated beverages should be maintained at a reasonable level, carbon dioxide content must meet the specified requirements. The gas content of the finished product is not only related to the mixer, but also the filling system is the main determinant. 2 ensure the correct proportion of syrup and water the final sugar content of the finished beverage by secondary filling method depends on the grouting amount, filling height and container capacity. Ensure the accuracy of syrup amount and control the filling height. However, the modern one-time filling method should ensure the normal operation of the proportioning device. 3 maintain a reasonable and consistent filling height the accuracy of the filling height is related to ensuring that the contents meet the specified standards, the commodity value and the expansion ratio of the beverage and the container. For example, the filling height during the second filling directly affects the proportion of syrup and water. When the filling is too full and the top gap is small, the pressure will increase when the beverage expands due to the temperature rise, air leakage and bottle explosion occur. 4 The top gap of the container should keep the lowest air volume. The air content in the top gap part is high, which will oxidize the aroma or other components in the beverage and lead to the deterioration of the product. 5 tight sealing effective sealing is the key factor to protect and maintain the quality of beverage. Bottled beverage should be sealed tightly whether it is crown cover or screw cover, and the container should not be damaged when capping, the curling quality of metal cans shall meet the specified requirements. 6 keep the stability of the product unstable after opening the cover of the product will happen spew and foam overflow phenomenon. The main factors that cause the instability of carbonated beverage products are: excessive carbonation, presence of impurities, presence of air, high filling temperature or large temperature difference. Any carbonated beverage is unstable at atmospheric pressure (Supersaturation) , And this instability increases with the degree of carbonation and temperature, so the cold bottle (Container), Cold syrup, cold water (Cold beverage)It is extremely beneficial to filling.
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