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Strengthen the patrol inspection of beer filling machine

by:Trano     2020-01-05
At present, with the continuous development and progress of China's economy and society, the continuous development of beer production equipment industry has been promoted, so the requirements for beer equipment have become higher and higher. Take beer filling machine as an example, enterprises should attach great importance to its maintenance and overhaul while introducing advanced beer filling machine equipment. Only regular maintenance and overhaul of beer filling machine can be carried out, in order to better improve its utilization rate, thus improving economic benefits for enterprises. In this process, we should first strengthen the patrol inspection of beer filling machines, in which reasonable distribution and layout of maintenance posts should be carried out, for some equipment management personnel and maintenance personnel, the equipment maintenance and maintenance work shall be supervised and inspected by some professional management personnel, at the same time, it is also necessary to guide employees to strictly implement the operation specification process of equipment maintenance work. The patrol inspection of beer filling machines is mainly divided into the following three types, the first is the patrol inspection of regional maintenance personnel, the second is the patrol inspection of on-site technical management personnel, and the last is the patrol inspection of actual operators, only through the active cooperation of the above three can the patrol inspection work be better promoted and the potential safety hazards and faults in the equipment be discovered in time, so as to deal with these problems in a timely, scientific and reasonable manner. The inspectors make records according to these problems, timely feedback, and prevent the recurrence of such problems, thus providing a strong guarantee for the maintenance and repair of the beer filling machine. : Beer filling machine beer production equipment
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