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Structure of linear filling machine

by:Trano     2020-02-29
The linear filling machine consists of bottle conveying belt, bottle feeding, bottle blocking parts, filling nozzle parts, filling machinery and other parts. Each part has an adjustment mechanism to adapt to the filling of containers of different specifications. The coordinated action of all parts of the whole machine is driven by the main motor, and the conveyor belt is driven by a separate 0. 18KW motor continuous drive. 1. Conveyor the function of the conveyor belt is to enter the bottle and lose the bottle, then complete the filling and output to the capping machine. The speed of the conveyor belt is manually adjusted by the stepless speed governor placed on the conveyor. 2. The machine adopts the cylinder to clamp and position the bottle, and adopts the pneumatic way to clamp and position the bottle. The rotation of the bottle is driven by a right-angle gear and a pair of chain wheels. The wheel does not stop each time to complete the bottle positioning, bottle filling, and bottle delivery. 3. Filling, the filling nozzle is the intermediate bridge between the metering pump and the filling container. Its function is to pass the liquid material pressed out by the metering pump through the filling nozzle container, extend it into the bottle from the filling head, and then slowly rise up and fill it, therefore, it is not easy to foam. 4. Metering metering pump is the core component of linear filling machine. Its quality directly affects the filling accuracy and accuracy of filling quantity. Linear filling machine is a simple and practical model. Although its production capacity is not as good as that of rotary filling machine, it is easy to adjust, has strong applicability and is widely used. Especially for the filling of multi-variety products, its superiority is more reflected.
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