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Use and characteristics of beer barrel cleaning machine

by:Trano     2020-01-10
Beer barrel cleaning machine, designed for all kinds of beer preservation containers (Including stainless steel fresh-keeping barrels and beer barrels)Cleaning and disinfection design. The beer barrel cleaning machine can automatically complete all processes such as cleaning, disinfection and CO2 pressure preparation. Carry out the whole process control. All control parameters (Time value)Non-stop adjustments can be made. The specific working procedure of beer barrel cleaning machine is: put barrel & rarr; Start & rarr; Air Rush & rarr; Clean water & rarr; Disinfectant cleaning & rarr; Clean water & rarr; Sterile water cleaning & rarr; CO2 standby pressure & rarr; Cylinder reset & rarr; Take the bucket. Shandong trano wine barrel cleaning machine 7 major performance characteristics 1, beer barrel cleaning machine easy to operate, by selecting the switch to set and replace the cleaning head to achieve the cleaning of different fresh-keeping barrels and beer barrels. 2. Beer barrel cleaning machine is water-saving and electricity-saving. 3. You can freely choose four stations to work at the same time, or you can control the four stations separately in two groups. 4. Beer barrel cleaning machine has CO2 pressure preparation function to maintain the delicious taste of beer after filling. 5, disinfection water recycling, save water. 6. The cleaning of the well-type wine and the plate-type wine beer barrel can be realized by replacing the cleaning head. 7. The main components are all international famous brand products with reliable quality. The above is the purpose and characteristics of the beer barrel cleaning machine introduced to you. I hope it can help you through the above introduction. Shandong trano company has a large production and processing workshop and many advanced processing equipment, which provides reliable guarantee for the manufacturing accuracy and stability of beer equipment and filling equipment. : Beer barrel cleaning machine
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