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What are the system components of the packaging machine? What do you know?

by:Trano     2020-01-12
With the progress of the times, the use of our products is becoming more and more extensive. In this chapter, the beer filling machine will tell you about the system components of the packaging machine, I hope everyone can better use our products while understanding our products. The system of packaging machine generally consists of 13 parts, that is, metal bellows, main feeding pipeline, buffer bin, spiral feeder, pneumatic butterfly valve, return air filling cylinder, lifting scale frame, automatic decoupling device, pneumatic bag clamping device, weighing chain plate machine, conveying chain plate machine, main control cabinet and control system, return air dust removal system. 1. Buffer bin buffer bin: slow down the material flow speed, discharge the gas in the material, stabilize the material flow, eliminate the influence of upstream logistics on the downstream, and improve the control of accuracy. 2. Spiral feeder spiral feeder: single spiral feeder, all stainless steel structure, control material flow through frequency converter to meet packaging accuracy requirements. 3. The bag exhaust system the bag exhaust system is made of stainless steel structure and is a double-layer sandwich structure. The inner layer is polished and polished for the passage of material filling, and the outer layer is of thin-walled structure, the upper part is provided with an interface connected to the exhaust pipe. 4. The bag gripper is of stainless steel structure, and the main structure is two curved splints, which are driven by an air cylinder and the connecting rod acts in coordination. When the bag gripper is closed, the canvas belts on the two splints are fastened to the cylinder body, at the same time splint at both ends of rubber block will bag on both sides clamping; After the packaging is completed, the cylinder is driven to loosen it and the bag falls. 5. Weighing body: divided into upper frame and lower frame, the upper frame is installed on the chain plate conveyor, the lower frame is a square rigid structure, an explosion-proof sensor is installed at each corner, and the upper and lower frames are connected by steel balls and Ball bowls, in order to limit the steel ball falling off due to careless lifting of the upper bench during work, four adjustable screws are installed on the lower bench to limit the lifting of the bench and the excessive longitudinal displacement to ensure the rapid return of the bench, adjusting the height of the nut on the screw can limit the vertical displacement of the bench. 6. Dust Removal System return air dust removal system: the return air duct and dust collector are all made of stainless steel, and a plurality of stainless steel manual and pneumatic butterfly valves are arranged on the pipeline to control the gas flow of each pipeline and meet the overall control requirements, the dust collector adopts a pulse blowing ash cleaning method, which has the advantages of low noise and high efficiency. The recovered dust falls into the downstream collecting bucket, and a manual bag clamping device is arranged at the end of the collecting bucket, when working, put a bag into the nozzle, and the recovered dust will all fall into the bag. After the bag is full, use the forklift to fork and replace the bag. It is not only simple, convenient to operate, but also good on-site environment. Due to time reasons, we will talk about it first. For the knowledge of the beer filling machine company, do you know more about our products? If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to inquire. :
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