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What factors affect the filling effect of the filling machine?

by:Trano     2019-12-21
Beer is a unique flavor beverage. It is deeply loved by the general public, especially in the hot summer, when the heat is unbearable, a glass of cold beer can be the most comfortable. In recent years, due to the impact of the price increase of brewing raw materials, the brewing cost of beer has increased. The competition in the beer market is becoming more and more fierce. In order to reduce the cost of beer production and improve the production efficiency of enterprises, we can also start with the production equipment of beer, such as beer filling machine as one example, trano beer equipment filling machine manufacturers are mainly engaged in beer brewing equipment, filling equipment and cleaning equipment. Today, I would like to talk about several factors that affect the filling of beer filling machines: 1. The influence of filling pressure on the filling effect, we know that beer contains saturated dissolved CO2 gas, which is produced during fermentation or added to beer by artificial CO filling, the solubility of beer to CO2 varies with beer temperature and pressure. For example, when the beer temperature is 5℃ and the CO2 partial pressure is 2bar, the saturation solubility of CO in beer is 5g/L. The solubility of CO2 in beer is proportional to the partial pressure of CO2. When the pressure of the back pressure gas in the liquid storage tank is lower than the saturation solubility of CO, CO will escape from the beer, resulting in the phenomenon of affecting the beer filling effect, such as taking wine and filling dissatisfaction. Therefore, the filling pressure should be higher than the saturated dissolution pressure of CO, and at the same time, the pressure of liquor should be lower than that of liquor to avoid affecting the speed of liquor intake. 2. Influence of wine delivery pressure on filling effect. Beer is transported from sake tank to filling machine through pipeline. Most breweries use back pressure in sake cans. Since there is a long pipeline from sake cans to filling machines. When beer arrives at the filling machine, the pressure is often unstable. The fluctuation is relatively large. The liquid level in the liquid storage tank also causes large fluctuations. Therefore, CO2 in beer escapes and affects the filling effect of beer. Generally, the pressure of incoming wine is required to be 3bar, and the absolute value of pressure fluctuation should be less than 0. 3bar. We can add a wine delivery pump to the pipeline. Frequency conversion control technology is adopted to ensure the stability of wine delivery pressure. Will dipped pressure transmitter detection of with pressure change and change of analog electrical signals 4-20mA input PID regulator. 4-output by PID regulator- 20mA continuously control the regulating signal to control the frequency converter, and then the frequency converter to control the rotating speed of the wine delivery pump, thus realizing the purpose of constant pressure wine supply. Through the above explanation, do you have a certain understanding of the pressure knowledge of beer filling? A high-quality beer filling machine can improve the overall efficiency of production. The beer filling machine is the core equipment of the beer packaging production line, at present, the competition in the beer market is becoming more and more fierce. Beer manufacturers have also made a lot of efforts to save the time and cost of production in order to compete for the market share of beer. In fact, it is better for enterprises to strengthen the promotion of production equipment than to reduce expenses from raw materials or other means, because the filling effect of the filling machine directly affects the economic benefits of the enterprise, its adjustment can create greater benefits for the enterprise. : Beer filling machine
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