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What has been the development of craft beer equipment?

by:Trano     2019-12-19
At present, the market demand for beer production equipment is very large, and there are many types of beer equipment. Both craft beer equipment and miniature beer equipment have a large consumer market, today, beer equipment manufacturers are talking about craft beer equipment. What has it experienced since its development? First of all, we have to figure out the definition of craft beer. The word craft beer was first created from the United States. In 1980s, the U. S. beer industry was highly collectivized and large-scale factories were drawing to a close. The 20 or 30 large factories of several major groups have basically completed the production of nearly 20 million tons in the United States. In order to solve the problem of employment and enrich the market, the U. S. government changed the regulations to allow small beer companies to operate, and the corresponding home-brewed beer was also allowed. Under this background, mini breweries and home-brewed bars in the United States have appeared in large numbers, and some of them have developed better and expanded into regional small breweries. Because Americans have a strong sense of innovation, they have tried various plants and crafts in the process of brewing, and even revived many technologies that have long been lost, providing the market with a large number of novel tastes. In order to distinguish these small wineries from large factories, they call their own wines craft beer. After the word was introduced into China, it was translated into small beer, craft beer, handmade beer, Seiko beer, home brewed beer and other names. Later, the name of brewed beer was gradually recognized by the public. Today, 22 million tons of beer production in the United States is monopolized by 20 large factories, and small factories also have a scale of 700 thousand tons. So a few years ago, the United States re-defined the fine brewing, raising the upper limit of the size of the fine brewing plant from 200 thousand tons to 700 thousand tons. That is, the beer with an annual output of less than 700 thousand tons is not controlled by several major groups such as Budweiser InBev and Miller Kangsheng, not to reduce costs but to enrich tastes and add accessories, can be called craft. Today, people fail to give an accurate definition of craft, and it will be difficult in the future. We can roughly say that fine brewing is a kind of high-level, small-batch beer with raw materials and technological characteristics. At present, in order to reduce costs, large factories use rice, syrup and other auxiliary materials, which will gradually disappear in the future. Malt will be used in the future. The saccharification pot is small, usually less than ten tons, five tons, two tons, one ton, etc. However, China's cold chain is not as good as that of Europe, America and Japan, littering and nonstandard operation. We have been developing for three years, and it is now the third generation. It is still not sold for a dime. In order to adapt to the domestic logistics environment, we have continuously improved the barrier property. It is now three floors and four floors will be mentioned next year. The single layer can't be used at all. The outside of the bag should be blocked. There is a layer of PET outside the bag. The pressure is kept for 30 minutes before leaving the factory; The outer layer is also 4 kilograms for 30 minutes, and then 6 kilograms for 30 minutes after assembly, and then 8 kilograms for pressure test, and through destructive tests such as transportation vibration, extrusion, and falling, now we have the confidence to sell. The sales model is mainly fresh. Long shelf life, the kind of long-distance transportation is not. The container is usually a fresh beer barrel or a beer barrel. Cold chain transportation and low temperature storage. In terms of culture, for example, we eat French fries at the exhibition site, which is meaningless. To eat in KFC. Wine is also necessary to have a matching consumption culture. Health is very important, and there must be a certain scale. The storefront is too small. The saying that the front store and the back factory are suspected of speculation is a gust of wind. Because of various restrictions, the complete process of beer has not been completed, not in the full sense of beer. In a word, there is still a long way to go for the craft beer equipment. With the progress of technology and the optimization of the market, I believe the future of the beer equipment industry will be better and better. : Beer production equipment craft beer equipment
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