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What is the difference between canned, bottled and barreled beer shared by filling machine manufacturers?

by:Trano     2019-12-21
Beer can be seen everywhere in daily life. Especially in summer, the weather is hot. Do everyone like to drink a bottle of beer? Why not quench your thirst while still enjoying your body and mind? Beer is canned, bottled, barreled, etc. Do you know the difference between them? Filling machine manufacturers share the difference between these three different packaging beer. Beer has different packaging methods, some are filled with green or brown glass bottles, some are filled with metal cans, and some are filled with metal barrels. Beer consumed in these three ways is not much different from beer itself, but different packaging methods will have some small impact on beer. 1, canned beer, easy to carry with canned beer, loved by young people. In history, many cheaper beers produced by filling machines were filled in cans, so many people would think canned beer is low-end beer. In fact, the cans have good barrier properties, and the opaque and oxygen-permeable can also block ultraviolet rays, which is conducive to maintaining the fresh taste of beer; In addition, the thermal conductivity of cans is better than that of glass bottles, and iced beer is much faster. Now, more and more brewed beer (Craft Beer) Cans are also being used, so canned beer is not equal to low-end beer. 2. Bottled beer many beers are filled with glass bottles, and the bottles are mostly green or brown. The manufacturer of the filling machine learned that green beer bottles are related to tradition: there was no special beer bottle in the 19th century, and wine bottles may be used ( Due to the limitations of the glass manufacturing process, at that time, it was mostly green wine bottles). Later, when there were special beer bottles, the tradition of green bottles was preserved. Brown beer bottles are used because they can effectively shade light. Light will promote the reaction of alpha acid and sulfide in beer, making the taste of beer very bad. Using brown beer bottles can hinder the occurrence of this reaction, the taste of beer will be better, and the beer is more resistant to storage. Moreover, glass bottles do not taste like plastic, and the pressure they can withstand is relatively large. This is probably the reason why glass beer bottles are popular. 3, barreled beer, fresh and refreshing draft beer will generally be filled with metal barrels, there will be a valve or faucet on the barrel to put the wine into the glass. Draft beer is a beer that does not undergo pasteurization or instantaneous high temperature sterilization, but uses physical methods to sterilize to achieve certain biological stability. This kind of beer tastes fresher than other beers, but it is generally not resistant to storage and should be drunk as soon as possible. Beer sold in foreign bars is usually bottled, called Draft Beer, Drought Beer or Tap Beer. Guests can pack their own wine and pay by credit card. Filling machine manufacturers remind everyone that barreled beer has a disadvantage that if it cannot be drunk in time, beer will easily taste bad; It is also troublesome to maintain the drinking equipment in the bar. If the sanitation work is not done well, the wine flowing out will have a strange smell. The above is the difference between the three different packaging methods of beer shared by the filling machine manufacturers. I believe that after reading, you should know more about them! Everyone's taste is different. It is recommended that you buy beer according to your actual situation, you can't follow the trend! : Filling machine manufacturer
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