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What kind of technology should be followed in the use of miniature beer equipment?

by:Trano     2019-12-31
Everyone has drunk beer. I believe many people also like beer very much. Do you know how beer is produced? Some people may say that it is OK to use mini beer equipment, but its use should also follow a certain production process. The following beer filling machine manufacturers-- Shandong trano packaging equipment introduces the process to be followed in the use of micro beer equipment. Compared with large industrial beer production lines, the production line using micro beer equipment has greatly simplified its technological process, which is as follows: wort raw material preparation & rarr; Saccharification process (The process of decomposing starch into sweet products with water. The whole saccharification process includes the following processes: crushing, saccharification, filtration, boiling, precipitation)& Rarr; Saccharification cooling process ( The wort is cooled by a thin plate heat exchanger in two stages and cooled to about 8 °c into the fermentation tank)& Rarr; Fermentation process ( Under certain conditions, beer yeast uses yeast in wort for normal life activities. The main products of its metabolic production- Beer can generally be divided into two stages: pre-fermentation stage and post-fermentation stage)& Rarr; Beer storage ( Ordinary beer is kept for a long time after production, and the pasteurization method commonly used in industry is adopted, but in order to keep the beer delicious in miniature beer equipment, an equally common storage method is adopted :-1 ° C low temperature preservation). The above content is not only the process to be followed in the use of micro beer equipment, but also the process of beer brewing. You can have a good understanding of how beer is produced. : Miniature beer equipment, beer filling machine manufacturers
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