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What specific testing work should be done before using the beer sterilizer?

by:Trano     2020-02-18
In order to ensure that the beer Sterilizer can work stably and efficiently, the beer sterilizer manufacturers will test the equipment before leaving the factory. First, the main index performance of the beer sterilizer should be tested, secondly, check whether all parts of the beer sterilizer are normal and whether the electrical circuit of the beer sterilizer is normal. Only after the specific test work to be done before the beer sterilizer is used can the beer sterilizer be put into operation. So what specific testing work should be done before the beer sterilizer is used? First, open the cooling water of the vacuum pump circulating water pump to make the cooling water supply sufficient. Second, check the cooling water tank, confirm that there is enough water in the tank. Third, check whether the vacuum table is in the zero position and each pump interface, whether each interface of the sterilizer is connected, whether each interface is loose or not, and then proceed to the next operation after the inspection is correct. Four, do not open the pump empty pump, first water circulation between the sterilizer and The Flash evaporator, after heating for a period of time, the temperature rises, and then feed. 5. Turn on the feed pump of the beer sterilizer and the Flash Evaporator discharge pump to keep the liquid level in the flash evaporator below the central line of the mirror. After the liquid level is stable, proceed to the next step. Six, open the cooling water circulation system, keep the cooling water level at the cooling water level at the center line of the cooler mirror to start circulation. Seven, before starting the pump, the vacuum pump off the valve, and then gradually open, let it rise. Eight, in the process of rising, because the vacuum pump affects the flash evaporator discharge pump, the discharge is reduced, and the liquid level rises to close the feed inlet of the four-stage beer sterilizer to stabilize the liquid level. Once the beer sterilizer is put into use, in order to ensure that the beer Sterilizer can work normally, it is necessary to check and test the beer sterilizer before use. After the test is completed and the equipment is confirmed to be free of abnormalities, the beer Sterilizer can be used normally.
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